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Brent Pederick


Logistics Manager

One of the originals, Brent has been a part of the Remax family since 2004, working his way through Production, Installation and Sales roles to his current position as Logistics Manager.

The Logistics team is the oil on the gears of Production. In a day's work you'll see Brent and his team ensure the manufacturing 'machine' is fed materials and parts to meet the day's production demands, and remove and package finished goods as fast as they come off the production line, ready for installation. 
Not a job for the faint of heart, the logistics role see's Brent Fitbit regularly hitting 40,000 steps all in a days work. However, not content with the on-the-job fitness program, Brent can often be seen pounding the pavement after work as well, and spending time with his family. 






Companies We Work WithRemax Doors - High speed doors project range

Remax Doors is an Australian manufacturer of industrial high speed doors, sectional doors, and swingdoors. We pride ourselves on high quality, custom door solutions for a wide range of industries, to achieve a greater level of efficiency, hygiene and temperature control. 

View our Projects Page to see the companies we have worked with!  

Remax installation of rapid roller doors in coolroom facility in Mildura

Two Movidor high speed doors were installed for A&A Natale, to achieve increased temperature control in their coolroom facility. These high speed coolroom doors now assist A&A by reducing energy consumtion and coolroom costs, and increasing efficiency in their grape processing operation. 

Woolworths Heidelberg - Remax installation of supermarket stockroom doors

Six pairs of Remax 4500 series high-impact swingdoors were installed at Woolworths Heidelberg, to provide a reliable, low-maintenance supermarket stockroom door solution. These doors are tough enough to combat stockroom traffic, and perform tirelessly under high impact by trolleys and pedestrians. 

Remax installation of Compact sectional doors in car showroom at Jaguar Landrover

Four Compact Sectional Doors were installed for Alto Group in their Jaguar Landrover showroom, to provide a secure, efficient door solution for showroom access. These custom sectional doors fit neatly into the bulkhead in the ceiling, - Compact by design, clever by definition! 


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