Thermal Auto car showroom doors

Auto Showrooms & Service Centres

Car dealers sell dreams. Compact Sectional Door, automated glass door, removes the physical and psychological barriers between clients and dream vehicles. State-of-the-art new and redeveloped Auto Car Showrooms, Dealerships and service centres around Australia have installed Remax Compact Sectional Doors and Movidor Rapid Doors in their car dealerships to maintain an efficient and modern facility.

 Flexible Bollards for car showrooms

Bollards, Guardrails

  • Protect your fixtures and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes
  • Remax range of barriers provide lasting protection against a variety of traffic
  • Flexible Bollards absorb impact and are easy to install / remove or replace

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Compact Sectional doors at Porsche dealership

Compact Sectional Doors

  • Provide wide-open space, seamlessly transition the display lot and showroom
  • Secure, energy efficient, weather protection
  • Installed as a service entrance or in the delivery room allows for easy inventory rotation or an unforgettable drive-off experience for the new car owner

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 Movidor High Speed Rapid Door in car dealership

Movidor Rapid Roller Doors

  • A range of high speed doors that are not only fast, they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic, irrespective of the environment!
  • Installed in car wash bays for easy wash-down and for workshop access
  • Variety of colours and window-options available

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High Speed Spiral Door

High Speed Spiral Door

  • Economical, quiet and efficient, the High Speed Spiral door
  • Electromechanical drive is designed for industrial, continuous use, even under the most difficult conditions
  • Operate continuously with minimal maintenance

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Insulated High Speed Roller Shutter Doors

  • Remax Roller Shutters have the tick of approval for safety, most importantly, because it is springless
  • Easy to install with no tensioning required
  • Longer life and lower maintenance

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Air Curtains

  • Air Curtains provide an unobtrusive and largely unseen barrier for your doorways
  • The benefits are felt immediately
  • Create an invisible barrier against dust, pests and exterior odours

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Automatic Door Sensors

Door Sensors

  • Door sensors specially aimed at making automatic doors safe
  • Technologies used are Doppler effect (radar), active & passive infrared, magnetic induction and laser
  • Enable motion, presence and safety sensors

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