Cold Storage Remax High Speed Door Movidor


In an era with a growing need for sustainability of the environment and carbon emissions reduction, energy efficiency is paramount to the success of business operations. For Cold Rooms, Chillers and Freezers, this can present a real challenge for management, as significant energy consumption and thermal stability is required to lower and hold temperatures within a freezer or cold storage facility. Therefore, fast, efficient and insulated door systems in cold storage facilities and other temperature controlled environments play a vital role in sustaining a consistent temperature, without restricting access to and from the cold storage facility.

Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door Remax



Our Movidor High Speed Door has been proven to maximise energy efficiency and significantly lower energy costs in the Cold Storage sector, through its reputation as an efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance door. With operating speeds of up to 2.5 m/s, the Movidor High Speed Door minimises airflow / air-loss, and ultimately reduces the impact of forklift and pedestrian traffic on the overall building temperature.  

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Cold Storage Movidor High Speed Door for Temperature Control (2)


A & A Natale - robinvale cold storage facility project

See this project to learn how two Movidor High Speed Doors were installed in separate cool rooms of the vineyard packing facility. The High Speed Doors allowed the Cool Storage facility to have constant access to an adjoining open room outside, without compromising the temperature of the building envelope. 

Remax Movidor Thermic Insulated High Speed Door


MOVIDOR Thermic insulated High speed roller doors

The Movidor Thermic Doors contain the same speed, efficiency and low-maintenance properties of the standard Movidor high speed door, but have added thermal insulation properties. With a unique 3.0mm thick, 1450gsm foam backed curtain, the Movidor Thermic Insulated door is designed to reduce condensation on Cool Rooms and Chillers with high thermal conductivity and reduce energy loss through your doorways, without compromising the key benefits of the Movidor range.

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Movichill High Speed Freezer Door


Movichill High Speed Freezer Door

The Movichill High Speed Freezer Door sets new standards in thermal efficiency through temperature controlled doorways. Utilizing a multi-layer PE foam and PVC skin curtain, this High Speed Door is ideally suited to ultra high-use freezer doorways where multiple openings per hour reduce effectiveness of insulated doors, yet necessitate exceptional air-tightness, and durable, 'self-repairing' operation.

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