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Download Your Compact Sectional Doors Brochure

 Compact Door Brochure

Compact by definition! Clever by design. Space saving and Energy saving operation.

The Compact Aluminium Sectional door is the premier alternative to roller shutters, or conventional sectional doors. The Compact door is a sectional door which needs no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure, and utilises a unique folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway.

Download the brochure to find out how the Compact Sectional Door has been designed to save you space and energy.

Compact Sectional Doors have been successfully implemented in various environments including car showrooms, factories and warehouses, cold storage, wash bays, processing lines, emergency department including Ambulance and Fire Department, arenas and pavilions, loading docks, marina's, large agricultural buildings and depot.

Compact Sectional Doors are made bespoke to your environment and entry, in both panel requirements (whether you require panels that are; thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate/polycarbonate/reinforced safety glass, mesh) as well as the opening size, from your average garage door opening size to a large warehouse requiring access for heavy machinery and vehicles such as aeroplanes, cranes and Fire Engines

In this brochure we showcase:

  • Safety Features including Cable break protection, Slack cable protection, Self-lubricating bearing rollers and more

  • The full Colour Range including seven RAL colours

  • Panels constructed using aluminium box profiles with section for the filling of your choice. Glazing Options including double glazed glass panels, thermal panels and more

  • Electrical Operation and manuals

  • Locking Options including anti-lift protection

  • Ventilation Grilles and Options

  • Safety and standard EN 13 241-1

  • Wicket Door Accessories and Options

  • Other Options and packages such as Car wash package (stainless steel screws, improved water dispersion panels)

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