Compact Sectional Door Education & training centre schools


Facilities for the Education and Training sector seek to create an appealing, conducive environment for learning and training. Aesthetic access doors can assist in creating a space with the perfect combination of indoor – outdoor ambience, when utilised on courtyards, gym halls and school play area openings. With safety and security always a priority in this industry, reliable door solutions are required to permit high-volume pedestrian access, whilst ensuring low-maintenance, hassle-free operation. Read below our selection of access doors for the Education & Training Sector.

Compact Sectional Doors



The Compact Sectional Door is a killer for security, low-maintenance, and providing an aesthetic, sunlit ambiance to any facility. A range of remote activation and safety features means the Compact door allows for practicality and energy efficiency without becoming an OH&S concern. With an ability to be customized to match any facade, it also looks fantastic while doing so. 

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Freedom of Design 

OH&S Compliant 

Provide Security 

Maximise Natural Lighting

Easy Operation



PIMPAMA State School Project

View here how 7 Compact Sectional Doors were installed on a school gymnasium, allowing the building to be almost fully opened up to the outside courtyard. Glass panels provided a light, open ambiance, and permitted visibility for supervision outside, producing a unique look that blended seamlessly with the glass and architectural louvre facade of the building.


Shieldflex welding screen TAFE


Welding Screens and Booths, Partitioning and Dividing Screens

Shieldflex welding screen systems can provide temporary and flexible working booths in Education and TAFE workshops. A cost efficient booth design that permits unobstructed passage through the enclosures, and good visibility.