Emergency Services Compact Sectional Doors




Operations in the Emergency Services seek to attain regimented, failproof and reliable systems, in order to succeed in high-pressure, time-based environments. For an Ambulance, Fire-fighting, or SES crew, a system or equipment failure could mean the difference between life or death, so it is crucial that each component of their operation runs reliably and smoothly. Therefore, access doors that are conducive to the smooth operation of the Emergency Services sector need to be low-maintenance, reliable and safe in operation. It can be a challenge to find aesthetic door solutions that can span high-traffic openings that fit the likes of fire engines and ambulances, however see Remax Door solutions below.

Compact Sectional Doors



The Compact Sectional Door is a door solution that ticks all boxes; its fast, reliable, safe in operation, and low-maintenance. It also allows a door panel design that can be matched perfectly to the architectural and aesthetic requirements of your facility, whether it is a Fire Station, Private Hospital, Ambulance Depot or Government Building. View the range to customise your own unique design, for fast, durable and reliable operation

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 Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door Remax



A range of high speed doors that are not only fast, they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic. the Movidor High Speed Door is typically installed in car/truck Wash Bays and Service Bays for easy wash-down and service, to contain over-spray and provide workshop access.  The Self-Repair functionality also assists to reduce ongoing maintenance costs, whilst providing fast, efficient access that is conducive to high-level environment control.

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