Remax Movidor high speed door roller door (2)


Food safety and hygiene is the single biggest challenge for companies in the Food and Beverage sector. In these highly controlled environments, doorway systems can often be the detriment to an efficient, hygienic food processing flow, due to temperature variance, and contamination through manual operation. Finding automated door solutions that are hygienic, efficient, and easy to clean is imperative, so have a look at the Remax door solutions below.

Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door Remax


The Remax Movidor high speed door has everything you need to meet those HACCP audits. Fast, efficient, and fully automated, the Movidor assists with temperature control, with remote-activation options to avoid manual transfer of harmful bacteria or contamination. With its self-repairing function, the Movidor high speed door is durable, low-maintenance, and incredibly effective in ensuring an efficient, hygienic Food & Beverage processing flow. 

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Compact Sectional Doors


Designed to offer a premium seal and thermal efficiency when closed, the Compact Sectional Door is an ideal solution for external openings when temperature control is a priority. With fast and reliable operation and remote activation options, the Compact Sectional Door is a proven solution for efficiency in the Food & Beverage sector.

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Remax Coldshield 4500 Series high impact swingdoors supermarket


When it comes to meeting strict hygiene specifications, the Remax range of high-impact swingdoors is unmatched. Clad in a polyethylene skin, the lightweight, high density foam-filled door panel is up to 50% lighter than timber doors, and is impervious to moisture and bacteria growth. With self-lubricating closing mechanisms and variable tension options, the Remax swingdoor range is not only incredibly low-maintenance, but can withstand high positive air pressure used in hygiene-control environments.

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Remax PVC Stripdoor Temperature Control Pest Control



Remax PVC Stripdoors offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances in a wide range of applications, as well as assist in temperature regulation. Versatility in the range of headrail designs and the many strip types means each strip door can be manufactured exactly to suit the application.

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