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Australian Hospitals, Theatres and Medical facilities have very specific goals to achieve in their door solutions, in order to meet the government standards held in the Healthcare sector. From maintaining critical positive air pressure in an operating theatre, to meeting the scrutiny of an external health and safety audit, access doors in hospital and healthcare applications need to be heavy duty, low-maintenance and of hygienic, sanitary materials in order to maintain infectious control. See below our recommendations for door systems in the Hospitals and Healthcare sector.

Remax operating theatre swingdoor high impact


Swing Doors

When it comes to meeting strict hygiene specifications, the Remax range of high-impact theater swingdoors is unmatched. Clad in a polyethylene skin, the lightweight, high density foam-filled door panel is up to 50% lighter than timber doors, and is impervious to moisture and bacteria growth. With self-lubricating closing mechanisms and variable tension options, the Remax Theater door range is not only incredibly low-maintenance, but can withstand high positive air pressure within the operating room. 

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Remax Hospital Theatre swingdoor



Want to see how these doors have been used in hospitals? View this project at Warringal Private Hospital, to learn how five pairs and twelve single 4500 series Swingdoors were used in six new theater. This hospital not only found these doors allowed them to reach a much higher degree of hygiene control, but were much lighter and easier to maintain. 

Remax operating theatre hospital swingdoors



A large refurbishment of the Northern Health Hospitals in Broadmeadows and Epping saw the installation of over 21 Remax Theatre Swingdoors. With full-surround rubber seals, integrated honeycomb shut-out blinds, and an ability to withstand a high pressure environment, these doors were found to be lighter, lower-maintenance and more hygienic than the timber doors this hospital had previously. 

 Sliding Doors Remax Theatre doors


Sliding Doors

The Remax Sliding Door range combine eases of use with advanced technology. If automated, these are operable by sensor activation, and are ideal for hospital and healthcare environments where comfort, efficiency and hygiene are fundamental requirements. With anti-vibration seals, all versions feature super silent operation, for environments where silence is a priority. 

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Remax Hospital Healthcare Bumpshield



Protect your fixtures and assets from costly bumps and scrapes with our flexible bumprail, that return to original shape after impact. In the Hospital and Healthcare sector, walls, corridors and offices are prone to impact from trolleys, beds and hospital equipment, so equipment providing lasting protection against is a high priority.

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