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Many of Australia's Hospitals, Theatres and Medical facilities have proven the benefits of Remax's doorway and barrier solutions. Whether its to maintain critical positive air pressure in an operating theatre, or to meet the scrutiny of an external health and safety audit, Remax doors shine in the many applications presented by Australia's healthcare sector.


Swing Doors

  • Robust Swingdoors that will handle large volumes of traffic
  • High impact, low maintenance traffic swing doors that will outperform and outlast most other swingdoors on the market
  • 4500 Series Swing Door range boasts being up to 50% lighter than timber doors

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Sliding Doors

  • Remax Sliding Doors combine ease of use with advanced technology
  • All versions feature super silent operation, thanks to the anti-vibration seals
  • Ideal for environments where comfort, hygiene and silence are fundamental requirements

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Air Curtains

  • Provide an unobtrusive and largely unseen barrier for your doorways
  • The benefits are felt immediately and can assist in keeping out pests, dust and contain air conditioned air
  • Ideal where doorways are in constant use

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Strip Doors

  • Remax PVC Stripdoor and Strip Curtains and Screens offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances
  • Useful in a wide range of applications
  • Provide an extra barrier against unwanted pests and dust

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Bumpshield and bumprail


  • Protect your walls and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes
  • Ultra-durable bumprail / rub rail, which returns to its original shape after impact
  • Protect walls, corridors, offices against impact from trolleys, beds, hospital equipment

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