Compact by definition! Clever by design. Space saving and Energy saving operation. The Compact Aluminium Sectional door is the premium alternative to roller shutters, or conventional overhead sectional doors. The Compact door is a sectional door which needs no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure, and utilises a unique folding action to push the door leaves into a compact unit above the doorway.

Apartment Access Doors

Compact Sectional Doors have been successfully implemented in various environments including luxury apartment complex blocks, luxury residential garages, high-end residential and commercial car showrooms and vehicle workshops, arenas and pavilions, loading docks, marina's, large agricultural buildings and more.Compact Sectional Doors are designed and manufactured bespoke to your environment and vehicle entry requirements, in both panel requirements; whether you require door panels that are; thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate / polycarbonate / reinforced safety glass or mesh(or indeed a mixture of components). We cater for a variety of doors from your average residential garage door opening size to a large apartment block requiring access for multiple vehicles.

Compact Sectional Doors also have the option of including a wicket door within the panel to allow easy access for pedestrians while the door remains closed. 

Compact doors comply with the highest standards and safety regulations and the door is safe and easy to use.

With no counter-balancing springs, the Compact Aluminium Sectional Door operates quitely, with minimumal level of maintenance in contrast to conventional overhead doors and rollershutters.


>> Download our comparison leaflet, The Benefits of a Compact Sectional Door, outlining the differences between a Compact Sectional Door and a Standard Roller Shutter and find out how it can make all the difference to your site.

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Client Testimonial:

Chief Engineer at Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packaging in Victoria: "...they met all of my criteria for the installation;
1. Good quality components needed for the robust installation.
2. Clean lines of the finished product.
3. Thermal insulation maintained for the installation.
4. Proven product support from a company with a long standing history with Geoffrey Thompsons.
5. Operational speeds."

Benefits of Compact Sectional Door

Benefits of a Compact Door

Benefits of Compact Door


Download: Benefits of Compact Sectional Door

Sandwich panel colours

The list of RAL colours to choose from for the inside and outside of the door is shown below:

Standard colours (RAL):


    • 3002 Carmine red
    • 5010 Gentian blue
    • 5017 Traffic blue
    • 6005 Moss green
    • 7016 Anthracite grey
    • 7032 Pebble grey
    • 9002 Grey white
    • 9006 White aluminium



Different glazing options are available

Full-vision glass panels:

Panels constructed using aluminium box profiles with section for the filling of your choice.

Standard colours:


  • Anodised aluminium


Standard Colours (RAL):

  • 3002 Carmine red
  • 5010 Gentian blue
  • 5017 Traffic blue
  • 6005 Moss green
  • 7016 Anthracite grey
  • 7032 Pebble grey
  • 9002 Grey white

With full-vision glass panels, you have the following fillings to choose from:


    • Double-glazed acrylate (17 mm)
    • Double-glazed polycarbonate (17 mm)
    • Single-glazed acrylate (4 mm)
    • Single-glazed polycarbonate (4 mm)
    • Single-glazed reinforced safety glass (4 mm)
    • Galvanized casing with mesh measuring 50 x 50 mm (4 mm)
    • Insulated sandwich insert panels (17 mm)


These will be fixed in the aluminium full-vision glass panels using plastic snap-in strips depending on the thickness of the fillings (4 mm or 17 mm).


Double-glazed snap-in windows:


Black plastic casing with double-glazed acrylate. Suitable for use in sandwich panels.


  • Rectangular windows – 680 x 370 mm (w x h, external dimensions)
  • Oval windows – 725 x 325 mm (w x h, external dimensions)
  • Insulation value; K = ± 2.8 W/m²K


The universal system includes the following components as standard:


  • Hinges made of stainless steel
  • Hot-dip galvanized rails, end caps, guide arms and fixings
  • Rubber seals
  • Cable break protection
  • Floor-mounted fall and anti-lift protection consoles
  • Fixings
  • Slack cable protection
  • Self-lubricating bearing rollers
  • Motor mount galvanized
  • Powder coating of hardware for extra protection, in RAL 9006
  • Powder coating of rails in the RAL colour of your choice
  • Extended rails, raised assembly
  • Car wash package (stainless steel screws, improved water dispersion panels)



Two options available:

1. Ventilation panel 680 x 375 mm (w x h)

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Net air opening 850 m²


2. Ventilation panel 450 x 90 mm (w x h)

  • Black plastic
  • Net air opening 215 m²


Locking Options

Anti-lift protection provided as standard

Wicket Door


  • Net dimensions: 850 x 2100 mm approx. (w x h) from the floor
  • Height of threshold is 235 mm approx.
  • Protection provided by wicket door contact
  • Cylinder lock fitted, with 3 keys
  • Door spring
  • Hung DIN left or DIN right as chosen by customer


Suitable for use up to a maximum door width of 5000 mm and a minimum door height of 2400 mm. On account of the bottom profile, an extra 50 mm of space is required at the top.

Wicket Door Options


  • Panic lock
  • KABA lock
  • Wicket door with fixed insert panel
  • A pass door with galvanised steel casing directly adjacent to the Compact door
  • cylinder lock fitted, with three keys
  • constructed using panels to match the Compact door
  • sandwich panels above pass door installed up to the height of the Compact door as standard
  • door spring


Other Options


  • protective cover for outdoor installations, colour powder coated up to a width of 5 metres max.
  • storm package consisting of aluminium stiffening profiles between the panels and in the bottom panel. This is provided as standard for widths of over 6000 mm.


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