Remax Movidor High Speed door for Grain pit-1


Dust control is a huge consideration for companies in the Milling, Grain & Stockfeed industry, when determining door solutions on their facility. With large openings providing access for grain and milling dump-trucks, access doors need to be fast, efficient and reliable in order to successfully contain grain dust within the facility. Due to the scale of the openings, access doors are often subject to a high wind load, so reliable, fast, and low-maintenance door solutions are imperative.

Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door Remax


The fastest and most reliable door solution for dust control is the Movidor high speed door. With speeds of up to 2.5m/s, a self-repairing feature and remote activation options, the rapid roller door can be made to any specification to meet all dust control, pest control, and maintenance goals for the Milling, Grain & Stockfeed sector. 

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Movidor High Speed Door for Grain Pit Dust Control-1


Want to see these doors in real-life application? View this project at a grain facility, where a Movidor high speed roller door was used on the entrance of a grain pit, for dust control. With remote activation, the Movidor can detect oncoming grain trucks, providing a very high level of dust control, efficiency, and pest control. 

Movidor High Speed Folding Door for Grain Pit


Designed for those larger openings, the Movidor concertina folding door can span openings up to 10m high x 18m wide! Extremely versatile and exceptionally low-maintenance, the simple design of these doors can provide continuous operation, dust control, and maintain rigidity under high wind pressure with minimal maintenance. 

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Compact Sectional Doors


The Compact Sectional Door is a is for those medium-high traffic openings, where both dust control and security is a priority. With endless customisation options and a guarantee for speed, reliability and low-maintenance, the Compact Door provides for a secure, lockable perimeter whilst making for smooth, trouble-free traffic flow.

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