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The Remax Flexwall System | Remax

The Remax Flexwall system has been designed as a fast and efficient means of dividing factories, enclosing hazardous work areas, or as a semi-permanent wall or partitioning.

A unique, relocatable, industrial partitioning system designed for larger / taller buildings such as factories and warehouses. 

Product Description

Also used extensively to shield areas from dust, splashing or overspray, in processing or production environments. Free hanging and weighted heavy duty PVC screens and dividing barriers and partitioning are suspended from a fixed or sliding track system, to form a highly flexible screen or enclosure in your warehouse / facility / factory. This allows large areas of the work area to be protected against hazardous splashing and wet floors. Remax screen and partitioning systems not only improve safety and cleanliness in the workplace, but also lift efficiency, which provides tangible benefits in workflow and cost savings.

Flexi-wall factory and warehouse dividers can be rapidly deployed to accomodate changes in production lines, and can be fixed to almost any structure, as a durable and attractive temporary wall, or hoarding.

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Unique, interlocking panel joints provide a completely monolithic partition that gives dust, moisture, and wind protection.

flexiwall 2


Each Flexwall installation is custom fabricated and can easily accomodate existing services and protrusions such as pipes and ducting.

flexiwall 3


Size doesn't matter. Remax's unique suspended support systems allows Flexwall to be mounted to virtually any building, -without modification to existing infrastructure.

>> Read about our latest projects which include:

  • Wilson Transformers: Installation of Flexwall to separate the clean room / sheet processing area (where new high-tech laser and CNC machines were located which require a clean environment) from the general production area and welding bays. The clean room area recently also had a new brake press installed, as part of an upgrade and modernisation programme.
  • Linpac Packaging: The Linpac site is on a lease plan which is why a temporary wall divider was the perfect solution over a more permanent and costly wall solution to section off the production area of the warehouse, to have it sealed off for food safety against rodents, dust and other pests.
  • Watpac Parcel Distribution Facility: Remax designed and installed approx.1500 sqm of Flexwall, demountable partitioning system, to segregate the airconditioned existing section of the facility, from the new extension. The Flexwall system was suspended from existing steelwork and tensioned to the floor.

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