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Sensors & Accessories for Automatic Doors



Remax Accessories specially aimed at increasing the performance and safety of Remax products in commercial and industrial applications. Using the latest technology, their modular nature allows them to be installed with the initial fitout or retrofitted.


CONDOR door sensor

Door Sensors

  • Door sensors specially aimed at making automatic doors safe in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Technologies used are Doppler effect (radar), active & passive infrared, magnetic induction and laser
  • Enabling motion, presence and safety sensors

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Rapid door Traffic Light Safety light

Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System

  • Movidor Integrated LED Traffic Lights are an innovative product created to further increase the already exceptional safety and access of Rapid Roller Doors
  • Create an even safer environment for forklift and pedestrian access
  • Easy to detect when traffic is coming through Rapid Doors or waiting to come through the doors. Traffic lights will detect movement and oncoming traffic.

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