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Bollards, Guardrail


Protect your fixtures and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes. The Remax range of bollards, bumprail and guardrail will provide lasting protection against a variety of traffic types.

Remax Bollards


  • Bollards are an effective means of demarcation, and asset protection
  • Bollards by Remax provide a number of options for all applications including:
    • Stainless Steel Bollard
    • Flexible Poly Bollard

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Bumprail and rub rail


  • Bumprails (rub rails) provide effective and cost effiicent  protection, protecting your walls, corridors and fixed (or mobile) shelving against knocks, scratches and chipped paint, maintain appearance on-site
  • Flexible wall protection mouldings, bumprails, prolong the serviceable life of your interior finish and fixtures

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Guardrail, tru-guard, barrier system

Guard Rails

  • Tru-guard Barrier systems by Remax is a certified barrier system
  • Offers exceptional protection against forklift or other vehicle damage to your buildings, and provides safety for your walkways
  • Separate areas of your site from pedestrians and/or moving vehicles

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