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Bumprail, also known as rub rail, bumpshield and wall protection, is an effective and cost effiicent means of providing protection for walls, passageways and fixed (or mobile) shelving or refrigeration cases. Our bumprail is available in various lengths.

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Bumpshield flexi 150 series

Safe and effective wall protection bumprail or rub rail systems for high traffic doorways and passageways. Bumpshield flexi wall barriers prolong the serviceable life of your interior finish and fixtures, while enhancing the apprearance of your decor. Suitable for a range of environments including hospitals, supermarkets, medical clinics, schools and more.

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Bumprail Wall protection


Made from a unique formula which can withstand low temperatures and will not go brittle while also withstanding heat and UV rays, Bumpshield wall barrier is an ultra-durable bumprail or rub rail, enabling it to return to its original shape and condition even after heavy impact. Suitable for a range of environments including hospital, supermarket, medical clinic, schools and more.

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