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Coloured Plastic Door Strips & PVC Door Curtains

Spectraflex coloured PVC for stripdoors are available in Dura grades.

Product Description

Remax PVC Strip Curtains provide an effective and attractive barrier against temperature loss or gain, and insect ingestion. Designed specifically to complement your shopfront, the Remax Stripdoors are available in clear or a range of bright colors.

Strip doors (also called strip curtains) are an easy, affordable way to maintain environmental separation within your workplace while maximizing productivity. From retail, strefronts, warehouses to cold storage facilities, these doors can enhance workflow, reduce energy costs and streamline operations. As well as serving as a flexible barrier against pests and dust.

Manufactured from Premium quality European PVC, our Stripdoors for high personnel traffic use, have a special surface hardness providing ease of access and many years of trouble free service. All materials are UV stabilized and are durable for prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Mounting rails are designed to allow the Stripdoors to be be easily removed if required for storage after business hours, or for cleaning.

Our flexible see through plastic strip doors are an economical answer to barrier issues in various locations including retail shops, factories, warehouses, food processing sites, meat works, cool rooms and freezer rooms and even residential applications.

Manufactured ‘overlap-style’ to give protection from dust and drafts, strip doors provide a cost effective and safe solution to temperature control problems.

Made from clear or coloured flexible PVC, strip doors offer an economical and hygienic solution to any door opening. Only top quality PVC is used to give years and years of trouble-free, good looking service. Individual strips are also easy to replace when required and the comb-rail mounting option provides a flexible approach to relocating door strips when required.

Strip doors for noise reduction

Testing over many years has shown that a noise reduction ha been achieved using PVC material in certain applications.

PVC doors temperature range

Normal Grade PVC 0°C to +50°C
Freezer Grade PVC -40°C to +0°C

Strip doors applications selection guide

Type Application Thickness
Light Duty Domestic / Retail / Internal
Pedestrian Access
clear or coloured
Medium Duty Shop Fronts / External
Pedestrian Access
1.5mm ribbed
clear or coloured
Medium Duty Commercial Pedestrian
& Trolley Access
Medium Duty Commercial & Industrial
Forklift / Haulage Access
2mm ribbed or 3mm
Heavy Duty Commercial & Industrial
Forklift / Haulage Access
3mm ribbed or 5mm


Coloured Strip doors

Brighten up your doorway with coloured Strip Doors. PVC strips are available in blue, red, yellow, and of course clear – combine, alternate, create your own look. Coloured Stripdoors have also been used creatively for art installations / product launches / trade shows and more.

Easy to install

Strip doors can be installed in minutes. Or ask our team to install your stripdoor for you.

Easy to order, with Australian Stripdoors

Measure the inside your doorway, height, and width, and fill out the Quote Request form on the right hand side and we’ll send through a quote. Your strip door will be manufactured within 48hours from receipt of payment.

How to Measure your opening for a stripdoor:



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