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Concertina High Speed Folding Door

The largest door in the Remax Movidor High Speed Door range, the Remax Concertina door is a unique twin-skin high speed fabric door with unique features and capabilities to overcome the challenges of ultra-wide door openings.



Product Description

Designed and fabricated for ultra-wide openings, the High Speed Concertina Folding Door is built for size and strength. 

Constructed from a fully self-supporting steel frame, including high strength support beams in the door head to span the widest of openings, the Concertina Door utilises concealed straps inside the curtain to lift the door. Lateral trusses between the inner and outer skin provide the ability to span massive openings without compromising the wind strength of the door.

The unique twin-skin provides additional benefits to our Movifold single skin fold up doors for the reason that:

  • The air-pocket between the skins provides and insulating barrier against temperature and noise through the opening
  •  The lifting straps are fully concealed from the elements to provide long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Each curtain segment is removable and replaceable in the event of accidental damage

Operating Speeds of up to 1/0m/second can be achieved, subject to door size. With counterweights and internal lateral trusses, the Movidor Concertina High Speed Folding Door is able to span large openings, whilst providing prompt access and maintaining a high level of noise and dust control. 

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