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Dividing Screens, Factory Partitioning Systems


Effective zoning of your workplace has many tangible benefits in safety, energy efficiency, and hygiene. Options include, Flexwall partitioning, flexible PVC screens and welding screens.

Flexwall Temporary Partitioning


  • Flexwall factory partitioning system is the smart way to partition areas of your warehouse, factory, storage or production area
  • Lightweight, translucent and rapid to deploy
  • Flexwall can be installed to almost any structure, irrespective of size!
  • Section off areas of production or a mezzanine in no time at all.

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Welding screens

Welding Screens

  • Shieldflex welding screens and curtains have been designed to overcome the problems associated with the traditional one piece welding curtains
  • Shieldflex welding strip curtains are made from extremely durable 2mm thick material!
  • Six times thicker than traditional welding screen material!

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