Rapid Door Senors

Door Sensors



Door sensors specially aimed at making automatic doors safe in commercial and industrial applications. Technologies used are Doppler effect (radar), active & passive infrared, magnetic induction and laser; enabling us to offer you motion, presence and safety sensors.


CONDOR rapid door sensor


  • The new sensor generation offers an optimal opening and a higher protection level.
  • The CONDOR, a combined sensor is the most complete sensor solution existing on the industrial market
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Falcon Rapid Door Sensor


  • Motion sensor for opening of all industrial doors (3.5m to 7m).
  • The microwave sensor for the opening of all industrial automatic doors.
  • The high performance motion detector FALCON allows a precise opening by filtering pedestrians and cross traffic
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LZR industrial door sensor

LZR® - i100

  • Safety sensor for industrial doors (10m x 10m).
  • The premium safety solution for industrial doors. The LZR®- i100 works according to the principle of time of flight.
  • This accurate technology enables the sensor to scan four planes in the front of the door
  • Helps to significantly reduce hazards in the door threshold and its proximity
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magicswitch contactless door sensor


  • Contactless opening system for industrial doors.
  • The MAGIC SWITCH, an innovative alternative to push buttons, pull cords and other manual opening systems
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MATRIX high performance door Sensor


  • Digital inductive loop detectors for vehicle access control and safety for automatic gates, doors, parking barriers.
  • The MATRIX is a high performance single or dual channel detector packaged in a compact housing with connection through an industrial 11-pin round connector
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