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TRU-GARD™ Barrier System | Guardrails | Remax

TRU-GARD™ Barrier is a certified barrier system that offers exceptional protection against fork truck damage to your buildings and assets.

Investment into protecting your site rather than repair is often more cost effective and can help to avoid small accidents becoming big issues.

Product Description

Warehouses, factories, industrial, traffic and especially insulated panel walls are often vulnerable to fork truck damage with repairs costing thousands of dollars. Prevention of this damage by installing the TRU-GARD™ Barrier System metal guard rail has proven to be a cost-effective solution by many businesses, councils, coolstores and food-processing factories.

TRU-GARD™ has been implemented in industrial environments, road guardrail, processing factories, highways, hospitals, factories, schools and many other environments as an effective barrier system. If you have areas of your building which are in close contact to vehicles and / or forklifts or other moving equipment; you should look at the TRU-GARD™ Barrier System to maintain building safety and reduce damage costs.

The extensive range of components available makes the TRU-GARD™ barrier system an ideal option for many areas where protection is required.

TRU-GARD™ Barrier is available in a galvanised or safety yellow finish, and all other hardware and components are also galvanized for superior corrosion resistance

Read about a Tru-Gard Guardrail installation at Preston Motors; installed to protect their building from vehicle damage and collisions. Click here >>

Alternatively, you may be looking for a different kind of barrier system in the form of bollards. We manufacture our own Remax Poly Bollard, here in Victoria, which flexes on impact - rather than denting your vehicles and equipment. They are built to withstand the Australian climate, acid resistant and are non corrosive and easy to install. Click here for information on the Remax Poly Bollard. >>


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