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High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Door

  • High Speed Operation
  • Lock up security
  • Provide thermal efficiency
  • Lighweight, robust and cost effctive
  • Economical to maintain, easy to repair

Product Description

Traditional Made Modern

Remax High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters are manufactured with high quality PU-foam filled, aluminium slats. Lightweight aluminium (approx. 9.9 kg/m²) increases longevity through; minimizing stress on motor and components, providing high resistance to corrosion. Remax High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters are constructed using a small number of manageable components, which facilitate fast and economical installations. Any repairs that may become necessary, are done quickly and cost effectively.

Smooth and Fast

The high speed Insulated Roller Shutter can be operated with an average opening speed of up to 1.2m/s, making them an economical alternative to conventional flexible curtain doors. With the utilization of PVC guides on the tracks, the shutter can operate smoothly and quietly – a powerful microprocessor with inverter provides smooth acceleration and soft braking.

Options include:

    • Warning Lights
    • Traffic Lights
    • Remote control
    • Transparent slats

Activation Techniques

Individual functionality can be further customized with additional safety devices like infrared or radar motion sensors and a wide range of industrial pulse generators (switches, induction loops, radio transmitters).

Function and componentry of our made-to-order Remax High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter can be individually tailored to suit a broad range of applications, budgets and specifications.


A standard feature of the Remax High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter is the implementation of light curtains (when in automatic mode), fall protection and emergency chain operation.

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