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HS25 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door

Key Benefits

Product Description

The Movidor HS25 High Speed Door has been designed for interior or low wind pressure external doorways up to 3.0mH x 3.0mW. Powered by ultra smooth German quality motor, and variable frequency inverter control, the HS25 Rapid Door offers fast and energy efficient access for your busy doorways. Utilizing the signature Movidor soft edge curtain design and self-repairing curtain relocation functionality, the Movidor HS25 provides superior safety where personnel are sharing the use of the doorway.

Rapid Roller Doors, also called Rapid Auto Roll Doors, high speed roll doors, fast industrial doors, fast action doors, or even zippy doors, are commonly used to segragate areas, provide an air lock zone, a wash-down door, control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, manufacturing plant or workshop. By customising the design, Rapid Doors can be used as cleanroom doors, coolroom doors, freezer doors, carpark doors, warehouse doors, carwash doors to name a few.

Rapid Roll Doors or fast acting doors are suited for controlled environments to allow access quickly while maintaining constant environmental requirements. Access can be controlled by automatic sensors triggered by approaching pedestrians / forklifts / vehicles.

What sets Movidor apart from the rest?

  • Curtain Relocation / Self-Repair Functionality - if the door curtain is knocked out of place by a forklift, the curtain will automatically relocate back into the guides.
  • Soft bottom edge - the bottom edge of the rapid door curtain is a soft, flexible, deformable edge and will not cause bodily harm in accidental contact. The soft edge can more readily withstand impact from forklifts / vehicles without bending out of shape.
  • The Movidor range is unlike some steel bottom edged rapid door curtains which are highly tensioned and if bent out of shape, will be stuck in position until the steel edge is replaced. Call-out costs to replace steel edged rapid door curtains should be taken into consideration when preparing your maintenance budget.

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