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HS50 Movidor High Speed Rapid Roll Doors

Bigger. Stronger. And still one of the fastest high speed flexible roll doors in its class.

Why is Movidor different? Read about the Self-Repair feature and soft bottom edge. 

Product Description

The HS50 Movidor Rapid Door has been designed for large internal and external doorways. One step up from the HS35 model but without the integrated curtain rigidity battens of the HS65.

Movidor HS50 High Speed Rapid Door

Powerful, German engineered motor and controllers provide fast and reliable operation, with pin-point positioning accuracy, thanks to absolute encoder and digital limits.

The HS50 High Speed Roller Door is suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways up to 5.0mH x 5.0mW. The Movidor HS50 High Speed Rapid Door will operate smoothly in many various conditions.

Some of the many applications include warehouses, packaging and processing, food and beverage industry, cold storage, fresh produce, manufacturing and more.

  • Doorways up to 5000mmH x 5000mmW
  • Heavy duty guides
  • Integrated door relocation system
  • Multiple integrated curtain rigidity battens
  • Yellow 'soft-edge' on curtain
  • Automated opening Speed up to 1.5m/sec

Watch the Remax Movidor High Speed Door video on YouTube by clicking here or view the videos to the right of this page.

Rapid Auto Roll Doors, also maybe referred to as high speed roll doors, fast industrial doors, fast action doors, or even zippy doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop as well as pest control.

By customising the design, they satisfy requirements as cleanroom doors, coolroom doors, freezer doors, carpark doors, warehouse doors, carwash doors, forklift access doors, to name a few. The Rapid Door can be customised in a number of ways including colour, size, activation devices, cross traffic sensors, steelwork, wind bars, visibility windows or clear view panels, integrated traffic lights, closing and opening speed. Contact the team today to find out how we can assist with your doorway requirements. 

Download the brochure below for more information and technical specifications.

Click here to view the full Movidor Product range: https://www.remaxdoors.com/products/rapid-doors/movidor-high-speed-flexible-roll-doors

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