Remax Doors Insulated Doors for temperature control


In an era when energy costs have a significant impact on the performance of our businesses, it pays to get the right door for the job. Remax's range of insulated traffic doors provide optimum thermal resistance, while allowing easy access.

4500 Thermal Swing Doors

4500 Series Thermal Traffic Swing Door

  • A double acting thermal traffic swing door that swings quietly, safely and easily, regardless of the environment and regardless of sustained impact
  • Corrosion resistant and half the weight of standard timber doors
  • Supermarkets, department stores, retail, hospitals, food processing and more

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5000 Series Swingdoor.jpg

5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Hygiene Swingdoor

  • 5000 series Hygiene swing door provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties and virtually impervious door in the harshest environments, resisting corrosion, rust and easy to clean surface
  • Wet rooms, sauna, spa, kitchens, hospitals and more

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Compact Sectional Door_Insulated Dock Door

Insulated Compact Sectional Door

  • Thermal insulation value of EN12428
  • Developed to meet the changing requirements of coolroom designers, cold storage facilities, refrigerated coolroom builders and suppliers
  • Increased freedom of overhead space for loading bays, loading dock door

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279x198 Sectional Dock Door

Sectional Insulated Dock Doors

  • Offering a premium seal and thermal efficiency when closed
  • Fast, reliable operation
  • Remax Dock Doors are a proven solution for loading dock efficiency
  • Polyurethane filled panels with high insulation value (3.02 r-value)

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Movichill Coolroom Door

Movichill HIGH SPEED Insulated Rapid Door

  • Freezer or coolroom use as well as loading dock door applications
  • The Movichill insulated curtain will reduce energy loss and associated costs, with its unique multi-layer design
  • Clean washable surface means that maintenance and hygiene is a breeze
  • Heated guides and columns minimise ice formation and ensures that the curtain operates freely in any environment.

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Thermic_Insulated Rapid Door

Movidor Thermic Insulated Rapid Door

  • High speed insulated roll up door for Coolroom doorways up to 4.0mH x 3.5mW
  • 3.0mm thick, 1450gsm foam backed curtain to reduce condensation
  • -4W/m2.K Thermal conductivity with heated door frame
  • Self-repair feature for impact from vehicles

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Ulti-Flex Rapid Freezer Door

Ultiflex High Speed Bi-parting Freezer Door

  • Implemented in freezers up to -40ºC. High R Value of R4.4 (USA-R25)
  • Insulated bi-parting freezer door - high speed and high use reliability
  • Superior thermal seal when closed with a 24 month warranty,
  • Used as the One Door System in coolrooms, freezers, food processing warehouses and cold room environments.  

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