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Movichill High Speed Freezer Door

The Movichill High Speed Insulated door offers a unique solution for high-usage freezer doors, where the 'warm-side' of the freezer doorway is humidity and temperature controlled.

Thermal Resistance (R-Value) of 0.6m2K/W.

Product Description

High Speed roll up door for coolrooms and freezer doors up to 4000mmH x 4000mmW.

Movichill High Speed Insulated Rapid Door utilizes a unique multi-layer PE foam and PVC skin curtain which has been designed to reduce energy loss through your doorways, without compromising the key benefits of the Movidor range.

The Movichill High Speed Insulated Door is ideally suited to ultra high-use freezer doorways, boasting a Thermal resistance (R-Value) of 0.6m2K/W, where multiple openings per hour reduce effectiveness of insulated doors, yet necessitate exceptional air-tightness, and durable, 'self-repairing' operation.

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The Movichill utilizes German engineered Movidor controllers, with heated frames, minimising ice formation and ensuring that the curtain operates freely in any environment.

Remax Doors provides a full suite of services from supply and installation to service and maintenance following installation. Our team of trusted technicians are available throughout Australia. 

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