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Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door

Bigger. Stronger. And still one of the fastest high speed flexible roll doors in its class.

Why is Movidor different? Read about the Self-Repair feature and soft bottom edge. 

Product Description

The Movidor Rapid Roller Door has been designed for a large range of access from pedestrian internal doors to large external doorways, with significant wind load. Powerful, German engineered motor and controllers provide fast and reliable operation, with pin-point positioning accuracy, thanks to absolute encoder and digital limits.

The Movidor range is suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways up to 6.0mH x 7.0mW.

Model Types

The HS35 model is suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways up to 4.0mH x 4.0mW.
With integrated, laterally tensioned curtain windbars, and 3-sided low friction track liners, the Movidor HS35 will operate smoothly in all conditions including high wind, dust, low temperature or wet environments.

HS50 model is one step up from the HS35 model but without the integrated curtain rigidity battens of the HS65.

HS65 model has integrated, laterally tensioned curtain windbars and ultra low friction 3-sided track liners, the Movidor HS65 will operate smoothly in all conditions including high wind, dust and low temperature or wet environments.


Movisan Hygiene Door: The Movisan rapid roller door utilizes stainless steel componentry, for the fascia cover and leg columns, instead of the standard anodised aluminium. Typically used in high hygiene areas and corrosive environments, where the door and its framework are subject to harsh, caustic chemicals.
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banner-movidor-es40ES40 Economical Option: Less frequent openings in an interior, ambient application, the ES40 Rapid Door for economical, efficient doorway zoning for doorways up to 4mW x 4mH. A Rapid Roller Door without some of the added standard elements of our Movidor Rapid Door. Click here to find out more. 

Faster, Safer and Smarter

  • Doorways up to 6000mmW x 7000mmH*
  • Heavy duty guides
  • Integrated relocation system
  • Multiple integrated curtain rigidity battens
  • Yellow 'soft-edge' on curtain
  • HS35 Opening Speed up to 2.0m/sec
  • HS65 Opening speed up to 1.0m/sec.
  • HS50 Opening speed up to 1.5m/sec
*Sizes exceeding 6000x6000 may be subject to application conditions for this model. Consult our team for further information.
Client Testimonials:

Uncle Toby's: "Just a bit of follow-up with recent installation of rapid door now it has been operating for several weeks. Door is functioning well and operators like the traffic light feature on the door and hopefully likelihood of damage is reduced with radar system."

Self Repairing Rapid Door

Did you know that the Movidor Range of Rapid Doors can self-repair when impacted by forklifts, vehicles? Click here to find out more: https://www.remaxdoors.com/movidor-high-speed-door-self-repair-feature 

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