Opaque glass Sectional Door

Compact Sectional Doors

Compact Sectional doors offer a range of solutions and designs to match perfectly to the architectural requirements of your site. The Remax range offers unique designs for compact, reliable and safe operation. Our range includes Compact folding doors for car showrooms and garages. Compact doors by Remax set new standards for space efficiency, flexibility and architectural aesthetics. They are an ideal alternative for roller shutters and conventional sectional doors. Our compact folding doors do not need overhead support rails that are attached to a roof structure. Instead, they use a folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway. Compact folding doors also includes versions that are available are ideally suited to emergency services buildings, warehouses, luxury home projects and more. Our Compact doors are flexible in design. You can customise the panel style and colour to complement your building. If you need help in selecting the best compact door for your project, give us a call.

Compact Doors_glass door


Car DEALERSHIP Showrooms / Garage

  • Unlike traditional roller shutter or overhead door the Compact Sectional Door has a folding mechanism that stacks the slimline insulated panels above the access
  • You choose the panel style (glass / opaque / RAL panels)
  • You choose the panel frame colour - powder coated to your requirements
  • Design Flexibility 
  • Tie-in with national branding requirements

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Emergency SERVICES Departments

  • Quieter than standard overhead doors
  • More overhead space available to allow for lighting / overhead equipment etc
  • You choose the panel style (glass / opaque / RAL panels)
  • You choose the panel frame colour - powder coated to your requirements 
  • Fast, reliable operation

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Compact Sectional Door Residential


residential & Luxury HOME Projects

  • Improved insulation in your garage / less moving parts = quieter
  • More overhead space available for overhead lights or skylights
  • No more unsightly overhead beams running across your ceiling
  • Recess the compact sectional door into the ceiling for suprior clean lines
  • Design Flexibility with options of Insulated panels / double glazed glass
  • Personal gym's / tennis pavilion / personal car showroom / arena and more
  • Scheduled service arrangements can be provided.

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Industrial Compact Sectional Door


industrial BUILDINGS & WarehousES

  • Make the most of your overhead lighting and reduce the amount of clearance space required overhead  - no overhead beams
  • No balance springs therefore reduced maintenance costs
  • Choose glass sectional door / opaque / coloured panels or a mixture
  • Commonly installed in warehouses which require more overhead space or increased presentation for customers / clients such as arena's / showrooms / markets / airline hangar / army barrack / warehousing and more.

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Compact Door in Apartment


Apartments / Car Parks

  • Large Compact Sectional Doors commonly installed as the entry to large apartments and basement car parks. Clear or opaque panels or a mixture of both. Pedestrian wicket door can also be integrated in the door.
  • Compact Sectional Doors are quiet, with less moving parts and require less overhead space for installation - perfect for those tight-fit car park entrances.
  • Design of the doors can be integrated with the look of the building, i.e. glass, thermal RAL coloured panels as well as powdercoating the door frame. 

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