Remax Compact Sectional Door Car Showroom (2)


Sectional doors allow a door panel design that matches perfectly to the architectural requirements of your building. The Remax range offers unique designs for reliable and safe operation.

Compact Doors_glass door

Compact Sectional Doors

  • Unlike traditional roller shutter or overhead door, the Compact Sectional Door has a folding mechanism which stacks slimline panels above the access
  • No balance springs therefore reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced Installation space required - no overhead beams
  • Design Flexibility: Insulated panels / double glazed glass options

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 Sectional Insulated Dock Doors

Sectional Insulated Dock Doors

  • Designed to offer a premium seal and thermal efficiency when closed
  • Fast, reliable operation
  • Remax Dock Doors are a proven solution for loading dock efficiency
  • Insulated Dock Doors for energy and temperature saving qualities
  • Delivery Warehouse Dock Doors 

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 Sectional Overhead Door.jpg

Sectional OVERHEAD Doors

  • Reliable and thermally effective barrier where temperature and condensation control is a primary consideration
  • Evenly filled with CFC / HCFC free Neufoam polyurethane insulation
  • Low Headroom
  • Full perimeter seals

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