Are rapid doors suitable for high wind areas?

For external applications where there is a high wind load, rapid doors can be designed and manufactured with integrated wind battens to suit the wind pressure in that environment.

However, if very high pressure is likely, then folding rapid doors should be considered as an option. This is because the balance between “crash out and self-repair” and the wind loads means the rapid door’s self-repair capability may have to be reduced.

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Can high speed doors be used for security?

While rapid doors are not strictly a security door, that doesn’t rule out their use on the exterior of your facility. When set up in tandem with a steel roller shutter, they can provide the necessary temperature and/or dust control during the day, whilst the shutter provides after hours security. Pedestrian access can then be arranged either via a swipe card or fob, or by incorporating another system.

How are high speed doors activated?

Rapid doors can be activated with a variety of systems, including:

  • Radar -smart sensing of vehicle traffic, and discriminating the traffic you don’t want detected such as cross-traffic, pedestrians, birds.
  • Infrared -presence sensing to hold doors open when an object is still in the opening
  • Push button
  • Touchless hand sensor
  • Remote control
  • Floor loops -inductive sensors which sense metallic objects, similar to what is used at traffic lights
  • Swipe card or fob for secure access

These sensors can be specifically located  with widely adjustable parameters to suit the environment and the sensing distance from the rapid door. That way, they can sense when a vehicle is between 2 and 8 metres away, and automatically open. This distance can be customised and set to your individual traffic flow requirements.

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