Movidor High Speed Rapid Doors

Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Doors


Barriers and doors to protect against the wind and rain

Movidor high speed roller doors are faster, safer and smarter than ever before… Browse the range of Movidor high speed doors by Remax and you will be impressed with the options and specification available catering for doors up to 6m high by 6m wide.

 EX35 Rapid Door 276x207


  • High speed roll up door
  • Small interior doorways up to 3.5mH x 3.5mW
  • Fast, quiet and clean access for your busy doorways
  • Automated pedestrian and vehicle access

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HS25 Movidor Rapid Roller Door

HS25 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door

  • High speed roll up door
  • Small interior doorways up to 3.0mH x 3.0mW
  • Fast and energy efficient access for your busy doorways
  • Warehouse roller doors 

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Movidor HS35

HS35 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door

  • High speed roll up door
  • medium interior and exterior doors up to 4.0mH x 4.0mW
  • suited to constant, high-repetition cycles for interior and exterior doorways
  • operates smoothly in all conditions including high wind, dust, low temperature

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HS50 Movidor High Speed Door

HS50 Movidor High Speed Rapid Door

  • High Speed roll up door for large doorways.
  • Interior or exterior use up to 5.0mH x 5.0mW
  • Integrated relocation system
  • Opening speed up to 1.5m/Sec

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276x207_HS65_Movidor Rapid Roller Door

HS65 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door

  • High speed roll up doors
  • Large exterior high speed doors up to 6.0mH x 6.0mW
  • Designed for large external doorways, with significant wind load
  • Access for vehicles, delivery areas and more

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Movidor ES40 Rapid Roll Door

  • An economical, value for money, Rapid Roll Door
  • Suited to constant, high-repetition cycles
  • Openings up to 4.0m x 4.0m
  • Clear-view panel to see on-coming traffic

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MoviCHILL High Speed FREEZER Door

  • High Speed Rapid Roll Doors for cool rooms and freezers
  • Large doorways up to 4.0mH x 4.0mW
  • Insulated heated door frame with choice of curtain thickness
  • Temperature control warehouse doors

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Movidor Thermic Insulated Rapid Door

Movidor Thermic Insulated High Speed Roll Door

  • Thermic Insulated Roll Door for greater temperature control
  • For Freezers and Coolrooms doorways, providing improved insulation, whilst reducing condensation potential on the curtain in humid environments
  • Openings up to 4.0mH x 3.5mW

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Movisan High Speed Machinery Guard

Movisan High Speed HYGIENE DOOR

  • High speed sanitary door ideal for cleanroom doors
  • Openings up to 4.0mH x 4.0mW
  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium with High gloss PVC coated polyester curtain allows easy wash down and resists bacteria accumulation

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Movipak Folding Door

MovipFOLD High Speed Folding Door

  • Extreme strength, flexible and durable Doorway Zoning.
  • Openings up to 10mH x 18mW
  • Horizontal bars inside the curtain give the folding door extreme strength, assuring a high wind load resistance

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