Rapid Doors

High Speed Rapid Doors

High speed doors that are not only fast, they're robust and tough enough to handle any traffic.

Do your facilities have a need for speed? View this Directory for a range of high Speed Doors with the added benefit of Movidor 'self-repair' feature. Find out more here.

The Remax Rapid Door range includes various speed doors for warehouses. Our range includes Movipak High Speed Folding Doors that have an opening speed of up to 1.2m per second. It has a fold-up design that features durable steel wind bars embedded in its curtain. The Movipak High Speed Folding Door is a great option if you are looking for an industrial door that has speed, strength and safety features. Besides high-speed folding doors, our range also has heavy-duty roller doors. We offer the Movidor Bugstop Mesh Rapid Roller Doors that allow the flow of fresh air in your warehouse while keeping out unwanted elements such as airborne seeds, dirt and leaves. Find the best high speed door below for your warehouse.

276x207_HS65_Movidor Rapid Door

Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Doors

  • Movidor high speed roller doors are Faster, Safer and Smarter
  • Designed to operate continuously in warehouses, distribution facilities, coolrooms, manufacturing facilities, car wash facilities and many more
  • Minimal maintenance due to the self-repair feature which reacts to impact and relocates the curtain back into the guides

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Remax_High_Speed_Folding door

High Speed Folding Doors

  • Extra large Rapid Folding Doors
  • Speedy access solutions, no reduction in wind pressure resistance
  • Large warehouses, processing factories, vehicle and logistics warehouses, agricultural grain processing depots and many more applications.

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Bugstop Roll Door_276x207v2.jpg

Movidor BugStop Mesh Rapid Roller Doors

  • Heavy-duty mesh curtains allowing free-flow of air into your site
  • Curtain screen doors allow the flow of fresh air and traffic, but keep out unwanted elemts such as dirt, birds, leaves, persistent rodents and airborne seeds.
  • Offer a shade factor reducing radiant heat

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High Speed Spiral Rapid Door

High Speed Roller Shutter Spiral Doors

  • Economical, quiet and efficient, the High Speed Roller Shutter Spiral door, with electromechanical drive
  • Designed for industrial, continuous use, even under the most difficult conditions
  • A Roller Shutter which operates continuously with minimal maintenance

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Movicill Insulated Rapid Door

Movichill Insulated Rapid Door

  • Freezer or coolroom use as well as loading dock door applications
  • The Movichill insulated curtain will reduce energy loss and associated costs, with its unique multilayer design
  • Clean washable surface means that maintenance and hygiene is a breeze
  • Heated guides and columns minimise ice formation and ensures that the curtain operates freely in any environment.

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Transsprint bi-parting roller door

Transsprint-C Bi-Parting Roller Doors

  • Transsprint-C Bi-Parting High Speed Roller Door opens at speeds of 3m/second  
  • One of our fastest bi-parting High-Speed-Doors
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use for doorways up to 6000mm High and Wide
  • Sideways Bi-Parting nature means reduced dripping condensation from above

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Remax Range of Automated Rapid Roller Door accessories-1


The Remax range of motion sensors, hands-free activation devices, and traffic control accessories can help you achieve a greater level of traffic control on automated doors within an operation.

Utilise Remax high speed door accessories to increase safety and efficiency of traffic within your facility. 

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