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Sectional Insulated Dock Doors

Key Benefits

  • Offering a premium seal and thermal efficiency when closed
  • Fast, reliable operation
  • Remax Dock Doors are a proven solution for loading dock efficiency.

Product Description

Remax sectional insulated doors provide an effective thermal barrier between differing temperature controlled zones. High density polyurethane filled panels have an excellent insulation value (3.02r-value), and each section is interlocked, with a thermal break between panels.

Attention to detail matters most when an air-tight seal is required, and Remax Sectional Insulated doors overlap the sides of the opening by 50mm, and boast integrated rubber and foam seals. When the door is closed, nothing matches a Remax Sectional Insulated door for an optimum seal and barrier against temperature loss or gain.

The Compact Sectional Door is different from a traditional roller shutter or overhead door. The Compact Sectional door folds together above the entrance while opening and saves not only space, but is also very easy to operate and is maintenance friendly. 

The Compact Sectional Door has a unique and patented rail system without the use of balancing springs. This means guarantees a long life cycle and minimum maintenance. 

Some of the features include: 

  • Air and vermin proof
  • Heavy duty door gear
  • 100% seal when closed
  • Built tough: strongest door gear in the industry
  • Fire tested: AS / NZ 1530 part 3. 1999
  • Motor Kits
  • Vermin proof seals: fitted to all panels
  • 50mm overlap: of door panel onto door opening
  • Buffer springs: fitted as standard, gives the door a soft stop when opening
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