Stripdoors by Remax

Strip Doors, PVC



PVC Stripdoors have many uses, and are a cost effective means of controlling airborne nuisances!

Robust, flexible and safe. The Remax range of PVC strip doors, and PVC sheet has something for every application and budget!


PVC Stripdoor and strip curtain

Strip doors, Strip Curtains 

Remax PVC Strip Curtains, door strips, shopfront strip doors and strip curtains offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances, in a wide range of applications:

  • Unwanted airborne pests / Temperature variation
  • Birds and dust / Segregate one area from another

Stripdoor Rolls and PVC Rolls

Rolls of PVC Strip, PVC Sheet 

A range of flexible PVC strips available for immediate despatch!

  • Duraflex (Standard) PVC, which has a faint blue tint, in five widths
  • Polarflex for freezers and coolrooms, with a faint green tint, in four widths
  • Bumperstrip (ribbed PVC strips) 
  • Spectraflex (coloured PVC) in blue, yellow and red

Coloured_PVC Strip_Curtains

Coloured PVC Strips, Coloured PVC Stripdoor 

Remax stocks a wide range of coloured, transparent PVC strips. Available in our warehouse for immediate despatch! A range of Spectraflex coloured PVC is available in Red, Yellow or Blue. Or why not combine two or three colours together?


Refrigerated coolroom PVC Strips

Coolroom / Freezer and Refrigeration PVC Stripdoors

Remax stocks a wide range of bespoke PVC strips for coolrooms, freezers and refrigerated areas. Available in our warehouse for 48 hour despatch! A range of both Bumperstrip and PolarFlex PVC is available depending on the incoming traffic / usage and coolroom temperature.