Remax 4500 series thermal hospital theatre swing door




Looking for robust Thermal and PVC Swingdoors, made in Australia, that will handle large volumes of traffic?

Remax has a selection of high impact, low maintenance traffic swingdoors that will outperform and outlast most other swingdoors on the market!

Our range of commercial and industrial swingdoors are suitable for hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants and more. We have corrosion resistant hygiene doors that have no joins or gaps and are impervious to acid and petroleum products. Some of our doors have a polythene door panel with high-density urethane foam that resists corrosion.

We also have stainless steel swing and sliding doors that feature superb craftsmanship and provide unmatched hygiene. They are specially designed for medical and pharmaceutical facilities having a sealed structure that minimises the accumulation of bacteria. Our swing and sliding doors can be made with a fully automated function. They are ideal for operating rooms where non-contact door operation is needed. Take a look at our range below and select the most appropriate swingdoor for your needs.

Clear PVC Swing door

2400 Series Flexible PVC Doors

  • Coldshield 2400 series flexible PVC Swingdoors
  • Custom manufactured to your exact requirements
  • Whether they are required for use in a supermarket, butchery, manufacturing warehouse, hospital, medical centre, cafe or cool room - the benefits are clear!

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4500 series thermal traffic swing doors

4500 Series Thermal Traffic Doors

  • A light, double swinging traffic door that swings quietly, safely and easily, regardless of the environment
  • Supermarket door, hospital, medical centre, manufacturing, cool room, wet room, gymnasium or restuarant; and regardless of sustained impact

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Hospital Theatre swingdoor

4500 Series Hospital Theatre Doors

  • Many of Australia’s Hospitals, Theatres, Operating Suites and Medical facilities have proven the benefits of Remax doorway solutions.
  • Maintaining critical positive air pressure, meeting the scrutiny of H&S audit
  • Up to 50% lighter than standard timber swingdoors

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 Hospital Sliding Doors

Sliding series hospital High Impact doors

  • Automated, sliding hospital doors
  • Sensor and push button activation options
  • Providing the ultimate 'hands-free' operation
  • Optimum hygiene

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5000 Series Corrosion resistant swingdoor

5000 Series Corrosion Resistant Hygiene Doors

  • Corrosive, steamy or wet environment?
  • The 5000 series provides a virtually impervious door in the harshest environments, including hospital theatre, commercial kitchens, wet areas, manufacturing, abattoir and more.

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Stainless Steel swing doors

Stainless Steel Swing Doors and Sliding Doors

  • Stainless steel sliding doors offer magnificent craftsmanship and unparalleled hygiene and infectious control.
  • Special design for medical environment that eliminates hard-to-clean areas
  • Door acoustically and thermally isolated with highly pressured polyurethane foam (50 kg / 1qm)

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