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Transsprint-C Bi-Parting Door

The Transsprint-C meets all hygienic requirements of the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Faster, safer and smarter, Remax Doors have been designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance.

Product Description

The Transsprint-C Bi-Parting High Speed Roll Door opens with a speed of up to three meters per second and is, therefore, our fastest horizontal High-Speed-Door. Also, due to the fact that the door opens to the sides, impact of dripping liquid from condensation is reduced therefore reduced contamination onto products being moved through the doorway. You may also use the complete height of the door for moving products. It is suitable for interior use as well as exterior use.

Safety is our top priority. The Anti-Crash System is on the cutting edge of design and safety.

The anti-crash system is a standard feature. When hitting the door accidentally, a trip gear mechanism of the front bars will be activated. The bars will be mechanically released and the door function will be interrupted immediately. This ensures high security for people, machinery and goods.

Further advantages: For passenger traffic a partial opening can be programmed. For even more safety, a light barrier and two safety edges are standard.

Everything you ever dreamt of for saving energy and increasing efficiencies in your cold storage facility.

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