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Ultiflex High Speed bi-parting freezer door

Faster & energy efficient freezer access

Product Description

Imagine an insulated freezer door that combines industry leading speed, with ultra high use reliability and an uncompromised, superior thermal seal when closed. The Remax Ulti-Flex High Speed bi-parting freezer door does just that, and much more.

Everything you ever dreamt of for saving energy and increasing efficiencies in your cold storage facility. High speed door operation of over 2m/ sec combined with a 150mm door panel with a R Value of R4.4, (R25). Fully heated seals right around the perimeter and yet a panel that can flex and move to withstand forklift impact.

This is the new industry standard for cold storage doorways. A door that can save you energy and improve efficiencies while reducing maintenance costs at the same time. The Ulti-Flex door is the new benchmark for cold storage door ways. Reliable and rugged, efficient and energy conserving, fast and safe.

Bi-Parting freezer doors are the ultimate freezer door for cold storage applications including butcheries, abattoir's, frozen food and frozen meat and poultry as well as supermarkets, industrial chillers, shipping ports for consumables and many more. Our bi-parting doors have been successfully installed at abattoirs around the country in their production line as they are wired up to sensors and create a custom door that can be used in any environment, and easily washed down and sanitised. Visit our projects page to ready about current projects carried out by our team.


Rather than simply providing a barrier between your freezer and a warmer temperature zone, the Ulti-Flex door system uses a 150mm thick insulated door panel. With a metric R Value of R4.4, (equivalent to imperial R25), it prevents warm/cold air transfer and eliminates ice or moisture forming on the outside of the door. 
Instead of having to close your insulated freezer panel door to conserve energy during periods of low activity, the Ulti-Flex door system achieves the same energy conserving insulation value every time it closes.


Say goodbye to ice problems in your freezer doorway with the Ulti-Flex door system. Due to the high R Value panels, extremely efficient perimeter seals, heat trace built into the door seals on all four edges of the door and much shorter door cycles, ice build up in doorways becomes a long distant memory. Reduced ice lowers maintenance costs, increases the lifespan of evaporators and improves safety by providing a dry floor.

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