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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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A&A Natale - Robinvale, VIC

The Natale family has produced table grapes in the Robinvale district since 1969, starting with 15 hectares of land. In 1997 the Natale brothers purchased another 15 hectares, and have been steadily growing their vineyard, facility and operations ever since. With many years of experience and hard work, each generation has evolved to ensure they are always ahead of the game in the competitive marketplace, however retaining a consistent commitment to providing the best taste and quality in their fruit. 

In early 2019, an upgrade was made to build a new facility, including the provision of  two internal door solutions by Remax.


Client: A&A Natale
Location: Robinvale, VIC
Completion: 2019

Scope of Works

Consultancy and Planning
Made to Measure Components
Delivery and Installation


High Speed Rapid Doors


Fruit & Veg Growers







Two identical Movidor HS35 doors were installed in separate coolrooms of the vineyard packing facility, to provide constant access to an adjoining open room outside, without compromising the temperature of the building envelope. 

Of equal dimensions, two 3000 x 3000 openings were constructed in a new building by the Swan Hill based Entegra group, in the Mildura region. In Australia, the picking season for grapes usually centres around late December to April. Being in northern Victoria, our summers regularly can exceed temperatures of 45 degrees celcius, meaning temperature control in a food-processing facility is paramount. Throughout the day, forklifts load up the coolrooms with grapes, which are then designed to slowly bring the fruit down to the correct temperature, in order to preserve it. Traditionally, only sliding doors were used in coolrooms, opening for extended periods of time to permit, but were soon proven to result in massive energy loss, and reduced the ability to effectively cool down the overall room and the fruit within.

With high levels of forklift traffic moving in and out of different areas in the facility, high speed doors were an ideal solution here, to allow for constant traffic, without compromising the cooling of the room.  Fitted with a standard push-button assembly for activation, as well as a pair of integrated Falcon radar assemblies, the doors detect forklifts and their grape pallets, open to allow the traffic through, and close quickly behind them, minimising the airflow between the openings, and facilitating the least amount of impact possible on the overall building temperature. Falcon radars are configured around movement, and are designed to detect motion within a set perimeter of up to 8 meters of the door opening, depending on how the customer specifies commissioning. This then sends a signal to the controller unit operating the Movidor, which sends the curtain up, and back down when the opening is clear of any movement. 

 With a four-piece integrated traffic light system, the doors maintain their speed and traffic flow efficiency, without compromising on safety. The LED lightstrips run Blue while the door is closed, but turn Red when the door is opening and closing. When the door is at its open state, the lights turn green. These lights are recessed into the door guides, and are visible from both sides of the opening.  A single level of clear windows in the curtain also promotes visibility for oncoming traffic. 

To protect the edge of the opening, and the tracks of our doors, a total of eight bollards were also fitted, two on either side of each opening. This now prevents any forklifts from impacting the sides of the high speed door columns, conducive to the longevity of either door. 

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AA Nataalie
















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Topics: warehouse efficiency, Manufacturing efficiency, fruit and vegetable growers, RRD, segregation, temperature control, energy efficient, Vehicle Access, Location - Australia, VIC, P - Rapid Doors, Sector - Fruit & Vegetable

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