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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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High speed door, integrated LED traffic light system - Cadbury, Ringwood, VIC

PRODUCTS USED: HS35 Movidor High Speed Door, Integrated LED Traffic Light System

Mondelēz International (known as Kraft Foods and Cadbury) has started construction on stage two of the Food Innovation Centre at Ringwood, Victoria, in May this year; continuing the company’s largest ever Australia investment in new technologies and innovations.

The centre is the largest facility of its kind in Australia and one of the biggest in the Asia Pacific region, providing a significant boost for Victorian food manufacturing and innovation. Over 100 food innovators are co-located with dedicated infrastructure and world-class technologies.

To support the survival and renewal of the food manufacturing sector, they are focused on unlocking consumer insights and product innovation for export into Asian markets where demand is increasing, and opportunities are significant. The company is setting itself up to feed 1.6 billion Asian consumers, aligning innovation and marketing assets to take advantage of the Asian Century.

Stage one of the centre, which opened in January 2013, has pilot manufacturing for new products, a design and packaging lab and sensory facilities to deliver quality testing.

The stage two developments will see the construction of a brand-new facility to house theatre-style seating for an expanded virtual store, collaboration spaces and planning rooms which will be used by Mondelēz International and the broader food industry.

Movidor High Speed Door at Cadbury


In line with the expansion of the site, Remax were approached by the project developers on site, to manufacture and install two Movidor High Speed Rapid Doors to a modified wet zone within an existing area of the site.

The modified section of the site would be used as a wet area to wash down equipment, used in the packing and manufacturing areas, with high pressure cleaners. The Remax Movidor High Speed Doors were selected due to their durability and water resistant qualities in a wet zone - fitted with stainless steel motor covers and stainless steel controller cabinets to help prevent equipment and mechanical deterioration, and the possibility of rusting in an area of constant moisture.

The project developers also chose to install Remax Flexible Poly Bollards on each side of the Rapid Door, to assist with protecting the opening against damages caused by vehicles, trollies and other equipment passing through the doorway. Bollards effectively prolong the life of the door frame by deflecting impact, and absorbing knocks and scrapes that would otherwise result in costly repairs to both the door & building structure. They are also water and corrosion resistant which mean that they are the perfect partner for the Movidor High Speed Door in this environment.

The two Movidor HS35’s were upgraded and manufactured with the new LED Integrated Traffic Lights option. LED Integrated Traffic lights assist with warehouse safety and efficiency by providing clear signals as to when the access door is free to enter/exit, allowing for improved safety onsite (preventing collisions) as well as improved efficiency for all warehouse staff. Find out more by reading our article on how LED Traffic Lights can help to protect your warehouse and staff, click here.


1. Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery and installation of Rapid Doors and Integrated Traffic Lights as well as custom steelwork and Remax Poly Bollards.*

As a general overview - the main scope of works required were to:

- Provide rapid access doors to a wet area within an existing warehouse to segregate the wet area from the rest of the warehouse, improve access to the wet area around the clock by providing fast action doors, whilst keeping moisture contained within the unit.

- Deliver an effective water resistant barrier / opening to reduce deterioration and corrosion over time.

- Increase and upgrade site safety by installing 'smart' tools: LED Integrated Traffic Light System, creating efficient and safe access to the site, improving the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) of all staff.


- Remax Movidor HS35  
Integrated Movidor Integrated Traffic System
- Remax Poly Bollards


  • 1929 - Crunchie is first launched by Cadbury in the United Kingdom
  • 1928 - Cadbury in the United Kingdom adopts the iconic ‘glass and a half’ advertising slogan
  • 1924 - Cherry Ripe is first introduced to Australians by MacRobertson Chocolates
  • 1923 - The name ‘Vegemite’ is selected as the winner from a public competition and the new spread is launched for Fred Walker and Company
  • 1922 - Cadbury and Pascall form a joint venture in Australia with Pascall products being produced at the Claremont site in Tasmania
  • 1921 - Cadbury’s first overseas factory is opened in Claremont, Tasmania, chosen for its proximity to a harbour, cool climate and abundant supply of milk 


Remax Movidor at Cadbury

Movidor installation in Victoria


Left: Remax Movidor in Closed position with LED Integrated Traffic Lights
Right: Movidor installation taking place in the wet area within the factory 



With the increased efficiency and safety onsite, Movidor High Speed Doors together with the Integrated Traffic System and Poly Bollards are an effective and long lasting solution with minimal maintenance. Movidor High Speed Doors are constantly being reviewed by the Remax team for improvements and adjustments to create 'the best' solutions for our customers. Additional tools to increase safety and efficiency are offered on each project and encouraged! Saving you OH&S claims as well as costly damages to site due to unforseen hazards. The benefits of additional safety equipment on your site far outweigh the alternative!

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 Remax Flexible Poly Bollards

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