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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Compact Sectional Doors at Confectionery Manufacturer - Claremont, Tasmania

PROJECT NAME: Confectionery Manufacturer, Tasmania
CLIENT OVERVIEW: Confectionery Manufacturer in Claremont, Tasmania, makes a variety of chocolates. In fact, each year, 22,00 tonnes of crumb (evaporated mixture of cocoa mass, condensed milk and sugar) is produced at Claremont, to be made into chocolate.



The client asked Remax to supply and install a Remax Compact Sectional Door to their very busy wash bay area situated in the chocolate processing area. The Processing area is kept at a warm, if not ‘tropical’ temperature to ensure that the consistency of the mixing chocolate stays at a constant temperature while being mastered and mixed into Chocolate products.

The Wash bay plays an important part as it is used to wash down processing implements after each batch / flavour of chocolate is complete, before starting the next batch.

The Compact Sectional Door is a unique sectional door where theer are no balancing speings, reduced moving parts and no overhead beams to disrupt overhead equipment / lighting / ducting. Traditional Overhead doors can require a large overhead space for beams for the door roll onto when in the open position, whereas the Compact Sectional door folds up in a concertina manner - into a small opening above the doorway. The door leaves can also be recessed into the ceiling - see below in a Car Showroom project where the design flow is of optimum importance. Read more about this car showroom project here. 

Compact Doors_recessed ceilingv2 - Copy.jpg


  • Folding up into a compact unit, outside of the stainless steel wash bay

  • Not impacting on the overhead lighting when the door is open

  • Providing a unique compact door which does not require ceiling allowance/clearance for overhead beams

  • Preventing splashback for hot washing liquids

  • Creating a completely hygienic washable surface

  • Providing a bespoke opening which caters for processing equipment to easily pass in and out

  • Allowing transparent door panels for wash staff safety and visibility

  • Adapting to the warm and wet environment without corrosion or exposed parts conducive to rust.


  1. Design Consultancy and Planning

  2. Supply Delivery and Installation

The Remax Compact Sectional Door covers each of the requirements set out above and is a reliable product in a range of environments; both indoor and exposed outdoor use. Remax Sectional Compact Doors can be custom designed from a range of styles and sizes to suit the environment at hand including wet areas / spray booths. 



Wash Bay Area P1020624-392709-edited.jpg


Topics: Remax, Cadbury, Tasmania, Compact Doors, temperature control, Location - Australia, TAS, Sector - Food and Beverage Processing, P - Rapid Doors, P - Sectional Doors, Confectionery, food and beverage

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