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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Dulux Dandenong - VIC

Dulux Dandenong is a leading marketer and manufacturer of premium branded paint products that protect, maintain and enhance the spaces and places they're applied to. Dating back to 1918, Dulux's original heritage was founded in decorative paint for Australian and New Zealand homes. 

From household rooms transformed by colour and texture to industrial coatings that protect landmark infrastructure, Dulux does it all. With a strong record for innovation and new product development, a broad product portfolio and a strong customer focus, Dulux Dandenong ensures that you will gain a superior product, and keep coming back for more. 


Dulux dandenong

Client: Dulux Dandenong
Location: Dandenong, VIC
Completion: 2018

Scope of Works

Consultancy and Planning
Made to Measure Components
Custom Steelwork
Delivery and Installation


High Speed Rapid Doors


General Manufacturing





On this particular application, a solution was needed to provide fast and easy access between a wrapping machine and a loading dock outside, on the perimeter of the building. The goods finished wrapping, traveled down the conveyor belt, exited through the opening, and to a waiting transport outside. An existing roller shutter was already mounted to the opening, to provide complete security to the opening overall, however, roller shutters are only designed to be opened and closed once a day. Dulux needed a flexible door that could be integrated into their conveyor system, open to let the package through, and close behind it, without compromising the temperature maintenance of the building envelope, and  providing a small measure of security whilst doing so. 

Our HS35 high speed Movidor was the perfect fit. The flexible curtain was manufactured with vision panels, permitting visibility to the outside whilst maintaining a consistent temperature. The commissioning of the door also aided this goal,  the motor speed set to 2 meters per second. 

With provision in the controller for the function of the door to be integrated into the conveyor system, the opening and closing of the door was controlled by the conveyor, and the traffic progressing along it. However, if it needed interruption or manual use, a push-button was mounted either side of the opening to permit individual access. With a level of PE beams running in the tracks of the door, the door was designed to detect motion in its return cycle; if there was a potential stray package in the opening, the door would reverse and shoot back up. 

The mounting and installation of this Movidor was a small challenge, as the door needed to be mounted internally in conjunction with the existing roller shutter, sitting proud of the face of the opening. Custom stand off brackets were uniquely designed and fabricated to not only ensure the Movidor worked smoothly in conjunction with the security door, but provided structural support to the fascia cover, motor and curtain, as well as ensuring an aesthetic outcome. 

A clean and tidy installation left Dulux with an impressive, practical and functional door, permitting fast, smooth and easy access for their packaged items through the doorway. 

Project Images: 

rapid door-1

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Topics: warehouse efficiency, Manufacturing efficiency, RRD, segregation, temperature control, energy efficient, Vehicle Access, Sector - Manufacturing, Location - Australia, VIC, P - Rapid Doors

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