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Hospital Theatre Swing Doors at Epworth Hospital

Products Used: Swingdoors

Epworth Hospital is located in the heart of Melbourne and is Victoria's largest not-for-profit private health care group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation.

Epworth is a provider of acute medical, surgical and rehabilitation services equipped with quality facilities and the latest technology. The Epworth Group of hospitals consists of 12 sites in and around Melbourne covering a range of clinical areas such as cancer services, cardiac services, mental health, maternity, emergency, neurosciences, radiation, urology and many more. 

Positive pressure operating theatre hospital doors

Project Overview:

Remax manufactured and installed high impact hospital swingdoors at Epworth Hospital operating theatres, following an enquiry to provide an alternative to heavy timber hospital swingdoors. The issues faced by Epworth Hospital consisted of H&S issues created by their heavy timber hospital swingdoors which were too heavy for the nurses to open, especially when carrying medical and surgical equipment, or pushing a bed or hospital trolley through the opening.

Occupational Health and Safety claims were becoming a problem as well as the hygiene risks* involved with a medical theatre door made of wood composite. Remax swingdoors are half the weight of a standard timber door, as they are made of cross-linked polythene door panels with ultra-high density, non-cfc urethene foam core and Remax Swingdoors potentially provide a more hygienic surface over standard timber, deflecting chips and scrapes which become breeding grounds for bacteria.  

The panel has no gaps or joins and is impervious to moisture and acid / petroleum products. The doors have no seams and never require painting. 

4500 Series Hospital Theatre Doors Product Features:

  • Full surround rubber doors seals, forms an impregnable barrier when doors are closed, maintaining positive pressure required by operating theatres.
  • Almost 50% lighter than a standard wooden swing door, making it easier for busy staff and sick patients to move from one area to another.
  • Unlike wooden swing doors, 4500 Series will not splinter, will not absorb moisture (and therefore mould/bacteria), will not deteriorate over time and never requires painting. Ensuring easier sterilization and aseptic operating conditions from doorways which are, ironically, one of the busiest and most heavily handled furnishings in a healthcare facility.
  • Thermal Value Comparable with 100mm Polystyrene Panel.
  • Range of standard colors that will not fade, and maintain attractive appearance in all environments.
  • Double glazed window included in door panel as standard.
  • Option to incorporate honeycomb blinds and signage into double glazed windows.
  • Self supporting mounting system does not rely on structural integrity of doorway/walls.

Client Comments:

“Our doors were heavy and made of wood, so when the nurses want to go through it and they are carrying something, it's too hard to pull the door. OH&S would have been a problem and it was causing a lot of grief, so we had to come up with a better solution. We tried to change the hinges, but realised that it was a replacement door that was required. I saw the benefit in the Remax door, I like that it is plastic, which is better than wooden doors - nothing sticks to it and it hides marks. Since other hospitals already have Remax doors, I asked them to give us a quote and they installed a sample door that the nurses have been trying out. Simply, they have made doors that work. We placed an order for four more doors. Since installing the doors, we experienced a reduction of OH&S claims which is definitely a financial benefit.” -Epworth Maintenance Manager

Scope of Works:

1. Design Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to Measure Components
3. Delivery and installation of hospital swingdoors

Project Images:

BEFORE: Timber Hospital swingdoor with scratching and damage.

Old timber hospital swing doors at Epworth Hospital  Old Timber Hospital Swing Doors with hygiene issues

AFTER: Remax Polymer Doors:

Hospital Theatre Swing DoorRemax Polymer Hospital Swing Door

Remax Coldshield 4500 Series Hospital theatre door positive pressure hospital theatre swingdoors

*Some of the general hygiene risks involved with timber doors include:

- Timber naturally absorbs some moisture and timber can expand and contract over time. This 'movement' of the timber expanding or contracting can make the outer layer of paint (or coating) peel away and reveal the timber providing an environment for moisture to be absorbed and bacteria, mould and mildew to grow, unnoticed.

-Scrapes, bumps, and chipping can occur in timber doors, (and let's face it, hospital theatres can be a fast paced environment) revealing the timber beneath and acid based chemicals can wear away at the top coating/paint providing an environment for bacteria, mould and mildew to grow. 

-Timber doors will have gaps and joins which also provide a safe refuge for bacteria and create hard to reach areas which may be overlooked when cleaning is taking place. The gaps and joins can become bigger with the natural expansion of the timber, not to mention making the timber door increasingly inefficient and problematic as well as damaging the opening and floor area with catching and scraping.

Remax Coldshield Swingdoors feature a lightly textured one-piece polymer door panel that has been high density filled with non-CFC urethene foam for maximum durability and insulation quality. The panel has no gaps and joins and is impervious to moisture and acid/petroleum products - unmatched performance for corrosion, bacteria and hygiene control. Contact Remax Products to learn more or to enquire about Remax Coldshied Swingdoors, call today on 1800 010 221 or email: info@remaxproducts.com.au 

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