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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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High Speed Doors and Roller Shutters at Riordan Grain

Since 2014, we've been lucky enough to work with the team at Riordan Grains installing a mixture of industrial doors; Industrial Roller Shutters, Movidor High Speed Rapid Doors and Movipak High Speed Folding Doors. Riordan Grains have grown and diversified significantly, and now offer a range of grain services to Australian and International customers from their sites in Laverton, Lara and Balliang.

Riordan Grain_Rapid Fold door.jpg

Products Used:

  • Movidor HS65 High Speed Rapid Doors, measuring 5000H x 5000W, 2m/sec speed, installation to Geelong, condor radar detector, stainless steel motor covers.
  • Roller shutters measuring 5000H x 6000W, rollformed interlocked slatted roller shutter with windlocks at every alternate slat. 
  • Roller shutters measuring 500H x 8000, rollformed interlocked slatted roller shutter with windlocks at every alternate slat

Previously installed:

  • Two Movipak high speed folding door, measuring 5000H x 8000W
  • Two Movidor HS65, measuring 5000H x 5000W
  • Four roller shutters measuring 5000H x 8000W
  • Four Roller shutters measuring 5000H x 5000W

Project Overview:

Back in 2014, Riordan Grains contacted Remax Products to enquire about a large High Speed Rapid Doors for their Grain Loading area although the doors would need to allow for large haulage trucks to enter and offload grain, with automated opening and closing as well as good quality roller shutters. 

Following on from our initial project, the team at Riordan Grains contacted Remax Products to look at Rapid doors, Folding Doors and Roller Doors for their new facility in Geelong. 

The Remax team assessed the site and both Remax and the team at Riordan looked at all the options available and chose both the Roller shutters as they are a rollformed interlocked slatted roller shutter with windlocks at every alternate slat and the HS65 Movidor High Speed Door which offers safety features such as the Condor Radar Door sensor and the self-repairing feature which means that the Rapid Door is able to realign back into the guides if the curtain is impacted by forklifts or haulage trucks. 

The large Movipak folding door installed at the grain loading area measured in at a hefty 5mHx8mW.

Download the Movidor High Speed Door brochure here >

Client Requirements:

Roller shutters and Rapid Doors which could efficienctly handle both the large haulage grain loading/off-loading vehicles as well as smaller traffic. Safety onsite is paramount and so with the Rapid Doors required onsite, it was vital to have safety features such as the Condor Radar Door Sensor and self-repairing functionality. The Riordan site also required Remax Doors to manage any EPA (Environment Protection Authority) effects regarding dust etc. of products handled at the site.

Scope of Works:

  • Site measure
  • Manufacture of Rapid Doors and Roller Shutters
  • Installation of access doors as well as any custom steelwork
  • On-going maintenance schedule

Project Images:

Riordan Grain_Rapid Fold door2.jpg 

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