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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Compact Sectional Doors installed at Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse - Goulburn Valley, VIC

PRODUCTS USED: HS35 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door, Compact Sectional Doors

Here is a sneak peek at a new project being carried out at a mammoth Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse operation in Victoria's Goulburn Valley. 

Remax were called in to install three HS35 Movidor High Speed Doors as well as two Compact Sectional Doors on site at the tomato-growing glasshouse operation. See photos below of the current progress (stage 1) of the project and we will keep you updated on further progress. 



Firstly, a little bit about the site itself - when it came to moving their family and hydroponic growing operation to Australia, the owners of this local hydroponic tomato growing business, native Hollanders,  didn’t hesitate.

Today they run a thriving Glasshouse Tomato operation in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley which they started with only a plastic hothouse, then built a 1ha glasshouse like the one they had in Holland. In 2012 they expanded again to a 6ha glasshouse. Most of its structure, as well as the hydroponic equipment inside, are sourced direct from Holland because the quality of hydroponics is so high there.

In 2014 they constructed a mammoth 12ha glasshouse as a joint venture with their distributors. The structure is already set up to take on future expansion.

Key requirements from Remax Products were:

  • Separate dusty entrance/drop off zone from clean fresh produce production area and the glasshouses.
  • Maintain temperature and minimise air temperature loss between controlled and non-controlled area.
  • Allow natural light transmittance between areas, especially in the glasshouses
  • Provide corrosion resistant elements.
  • Provide a durable, easy to clean finish.
  • Provide durable, efficient, warehouse segregation solution.
  • Provide efficient access between the hydroponic glasshouses and the warehouse for forklifts and other moving equipment.

The Compact Sectional Doors have a number of benefits over a standard roller shutter  system:

  • The sectional door requires no intrusive overhead support rails to be attached to the roof structure
  • Utilises a unique folding action to push the door leaves into a compact space above the doorway
  • The door panels are constructed using aluminium box profiles with section for the filling of your choice - including Full-vision glass panels (glass or opaque) - allowing light transmittal into the site which is important for vegetable growers
  • Lightweight aluminium door panels with stainless steel hinging
  • Patented folding mechanism; Remax Compact sectional doors use minimal energy to operate
  • Acoustic - Control noisy environments
  • Thermal - Energy efficient
  • Compact doors comply with the highest standards and safety regulations
  • No counter-balancing springs
  • Clean lines of the finished product
  • Optional windows and wicket door constructed into the door
  • Clean lines of the finished product.

As a result of installing Movidor Rapid Doors at the entrance to the greenhouses and warehouse, doors are no longer left open unnecessarily as the door sensors ensure that the Movidor rapid Doors automatically open when required and close after pedestrians and forklifts have moved through. This not only assists with reducing temperature loss from controlled areas but also prevents unwanted pests, dust and birds from entering the controlled zone. This is especially important in microclimates such as greenhouses and processing areas.


1. Design Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure fabrication of both Movidor HS35 High Speed Rapid Doors and  Compact Sectional Doors
3. Bespoke fabrication of customised steelwork
4. Delivery and Installation
5. Optional aftercare: oncall and regular servicing and maintenance 


New Movidor Rapid Door installation provides effective segregation between greenhouses themselves and between the greenhouses and the tomato processing production warehouse and allows quick access to forklifts with door sensors. No more time wasted on manual openings, i.e. manual sliding doors.


Neat, durable Rapid Door design allows easy cleaning and effective seal to floor, preventing unwanted pests from entering both the tomato hydroponic greenhouses and glasshouses and the vegetable fresh produce processing production warehouse (Download the free Remax eBook: A Guide to Warehouse Pest Control). Rapid Door installation at the entrance to the vegetable processing warehouse. The quick installation from the team at Remax Products ensures minimal impact on operations.


Movidor high speed doors installed between the warehouse and the hydroponic greenhouses. Forklift drivers are no longer required to get off their forklift each time they need to enter the greenhouse or warehouse and controlled temperatures are not lost with doors left open, as the Movidor Rapid Door automatically closes once the forklift has passed through. Watch the Movidor Rapid Door videos here. Movidor Rapid Doors can also be washed down with a pressure washer when required.

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