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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Insulated dock doors at Leslie Refrigerated Transport

LRT/VCT (Leslie Refrigerated Transport) is a family owned and operated Transport Company who run an extensive transport fleet all over Australia with a dedicated and determined team working hard to meet the needs of their customers. The team transport predominantly fresh produce and the fleet now consists of a total of 26 Prime Movers and 54 Trailers.

Leslie Refrigerated Transport_3.jpg

Project Overview

Remax worked with a specialist coolroom design and construction team, Transcool, who were contracted to build an extension at Leslie Refrigerated Transport / VCT in Mildura, to install four insulated dock delivery doors, Compact Sectional doors, at their processing facility in Mildura where insulation, easy access and low maintenance was required for pick up/delivery from large delivery vehicles. The site processes fresh fruit and vegetables (mainly grapes and citrus) for delivery to fresh food markets, end users such as restaurants and other suppliers.

Due to the quick turnaround required within the cold chain logistics sector, and the temperamental weather extremes of North West Victoria (as low as 4 degrees, with frost, in winter and summer temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on a number of days), the LRT/VCT team required well insulated doors with good seals, which meant that their produce could be kept within consistent temperatures throughout the year. The low maintenance requirements of the Compact Sectional Door meant that long term maintenance costs could also be kept under control.

LRT/VCT required Compact Sectional Doors for the following reasons:

  • Traditionally, loading dock sectional doors require wall space and ceiling space to allow the door panels to run up and under the ceiling. The tracks are often supported by unsightly bracing and ceiling supports. Additionally, the lifting shaft and springs are all exposed, adding to an unsightly look in an otherwise clean environment. The Compact Sectional Doors chosen by Leslie Refrigerated Transport have none of that. By contrast, they’re neat, free of any exposed springs, and compact! Their small footprint, and compact design meant that all the existing electrical and lighting infrastructure in the new facility remained undisturbed. The Compact Sectional Door folds together above the entrance while opening, and saves not only space but is also very easy to operate and is maintenance friendly.
  • Low Maintenance: The traditional sectional door moves on rails into the building across the ceiling or directly above the access. To do this they use balance springs, which are highly-tensioned steel springs that need regular maintenance to maintain their tension. These springs also need regular replacement, which takes up a lot of time and is expensive. The Compact folding door is often used as a replacement for these industrial doors. This folding door is self-supporting with its side rails, so nothing more is needed. The Compact door folds up above the door opening and therefore does not require a steel structure on the ceiling or above the access. No balance springs are needed, the door blade is moved up by an electric motor and when closing gravity plays its part. The advantage of this is that there are lower maintenance costs because there is simply less to maintain. The quiet and gradual movement uses little energy and this means a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.
  • Leslie Refrigerated Transport have integrated operation of the Compact Sectional Doors to their Dock Levelling equipment to ensure safety while loading through the doorway.
  • As an exit / entry point for receivables and dispatch for temperature control; although steel roller shutters have been used much in the past, they have poor insulation. Compact Sectional Doors maintain internal temperature when forklifts and vehicles are coming in and out and operate quietly with less moving parts.
  • For their unique thermal properties. Door panels have the flexibility to be used in many different environments. One being cool room environments, where the insulated sandwich panels are CFC-free polystyrene foam covered with aluminium stucco finished cladding. Insulation value EN12428, Panel: U=0.76 W/m²K.

Not only is the Compact Sectional Door favoured by Architects due its versatility in appearance, but it is also favoured by Builders due to its versatility onsite when it comes to ease of installation and because it does not require the vast increase in overhead space which is normally specified for standard overhead doors which can create a large wasted space overhead. This wasted space cannot be utilised for any other purpose. With the Compact Sectional Door, the roof space can be fully utilised without impacting the door both in open and closed state.

Compact Sectional Doors have also been installed at Jeftomson fruit processing as dock doors in their processing site. Compact Sectional Doors are made bespoke to its environment and entry, in both panel requirements (whether you require full vision panels, thermal panels or a mixture of both - thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate/polycarbonate/reinforced safety glass, mesh) as well as the opening size, from your average garage door opening size to a large warehouse requiring access for heavy machinery and vehicles such as aeroplanes, cranes and Fire Engines. 

Client Requirements:

Compact Sectional Door

Scope of Works:

1. Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery and installation of Compact Sectional Door.

Project Images: 

Thermal Compact Sectional Dock Doors installed in Victoria in a fruit packing facility:

Leslie Refrigerated Transport.jpg

Leslie Refrigerated Transport_Compact Sectional Door

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