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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Dividing Doors installed at  Linpac Packaging Facility Project - Truganina, VIC

PRODUCTS USED: Flexwall, PVC Stripdoor, HS65 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Door, 2400 Transparent PVC Swingdoor

LINPAC Packaging delivers plastic packaging to the protein, bakery, fruit & produce and food service markets where they champion the reduction of food waste through continuous innovation in packaging technology for the protection, preservation and presentation of fresh produce.

Warehouse partitioning


The team at Remax received a call from the Linpac managers in the Western Australia office about 12 months prior to the start of this project to let us know about a new site in Melbourne which would require a temporary wall.

This particular Linpac site in Truganina, VIC, manufactures black crates which transport fresh meat to and from Supermarkets including Woolworths. The Linpac site also manufacture fruit bins from the same material - all manufactured especially for transporting fresh produce.

The Linpac site is on a lease plan which is why a temporary wall divider was the perfect solution over a more permanent and costly wall solution. Remax Flexwall is a temporary dividing wall, suspended from existing steelwork and tensioned to the floor which, in this case, means that if Linpac move to another site, they can take their Flexwall with them.

The main purpose of the dividing wall in this particular case is to section off the production area of the warehouse, to have it sealed off for food safety against rodents, dust and other pests. The site itself is not refrigerated; the Flexwall temporary wall solution was chosen as a sectional divider to separate/segregate sections within the large warehouse. Flexwall can be fitted around protrusions such as service pipes and ducting.

The 120m width span of the warehouse Remax Flexwall was installed over one and half weeks. Along with the Flexwall, any type of door can be incorporated as required as well as clear vision windows, all installed at the same time as the Flexwall install. From the industry leading, ultra smart Remax Movidor High Speed Doors, Fire Exits, conveyor acess through to a simple PVC strip curtain and everything in between, Remax can provide a door solution that incorporates seamlessly with your Flexwall project.

With the Linpac project, two HS65 Movidor High Speed Flexible Roll Doors measuring 5000H x 4670W were installed for forklift entry, of which one of the high speed doors is installed within the Flexwall on a customised steel frame designed, manufactured and installed by the Remax team. Two clear 2400 Series PVC Swingdoors were also installed within the Flexwall and a large Industrial 3450H x 2270W PVC Stripdoor (stripcurtain) in 300mm ribbed Duraflex for a pallet conveyor, and again with customised steelwork manufactured for both the swingdoors and the stripdoor.

Key requirements were:

  • Separate dusty entrance/drop off zone from clean fresh produce production area.
  • Maintain temperature and minimise airconditioning loss between controlled and non-controlled area.
  • Allow natural light transmittance between areas.
  • Provide a durable, easy to clean finish.
  • Provide detachable temporary, yet durable, warehouse segregation solution.

The material used for the Flexwall as a number of benefits:

  • Translucent - Allows light transmittal
  • Colour Options - Opaque out colours available
  • Mesh Option - Provideing airflow
  • Flame Resistant - to AS 2755
  • Acoustic - Control noisy environments
  • Anti-Static - Suitable for sensitive areas
  • Food Safe - HACAP approved
  • Insect Proof - To Control pests
  • Thermal - Energy efficient
  • Anti-Fungal - Ideal for food industry


1. Design Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure fabrication of Flexwall partitioning
3. Made to measure fabrication of HS65 Movidor High Speed Doors / Industrial Stripdoor / PVC Swingdoor
4. Bespoke fabrication of customised steelwork for access doors within the Flexwall
5. Delivery and Installation


New Flexwall installation provides effective segregation from the production area.

 Flexwall partitioning Flexwall partitioning


Neat fixing design allows easy cleaning and effective seal to floor and rapid installation ensures minimal impact on operations. See below - Movidor high speed doors installed along with the Flexwall Dividing wall solution.

 Warehouse partitioning Remax Flexwall and Movidor

Remax 2400 PVC Swingdoor and Remax Strip Doors installed within the Flexwall for quick access of forklifts, personnel and other warehouse transport equipment.

Remax Flexwall and Movidor and stripwall 

Movidor High Speed Doors installed within Flexwall with custom steelwork frame for forklift access and also Movidor HS65 Installed on an exterior wall for high speed access into the warehouse.

Linpac_Movidor Flexwall_Temporary_Wall



For more information on the other Remax Products used on this project, have a look at the links below:

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