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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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Glass Sectional Doors at Warrnambool Mazda - Warrnambool, VIC

Products Used: Compact Sectional Door

Warrnambool Mazda is a located in East Warrnambool in Victoria and sell a range of new and second-hand Mazda vehicles and provide not only provide exceptional cars and exceptional service - they also provide exceptional support to the local community

Warrnambool Mazda-1.jpg

WARRNAMBOOL’S share of the new car market is bucking national trends with a surge in sales, major expansions and wider reach into the region. Total annual sales turnover in new cars is estimated at $100 million and several of the city’s five dealerships have embarked on multi-million-dollar expansions which are likely to boost their direct employment, which now totals about 170. 


The Warrnambool Mazda dealership has built a state-of-the-art showroom, service department and second-storey offices to rival slick metropolitan dealerships.

Costing several million dollars, it will triple capacity and have display space for more than 100 vehicles and servicing capacity for 40 cars a day.

The new premises will feature express turnaround where vehicles can have minor servicing and detailing completed within the hour, plus a workshop with a see-through wall so customers in the adjacent Wi-Fi-equipped waiting lounge area can watch technicians at work.

The Remax Team were asked to install a Compact Sectional Door measuring 4000H x 5000W in a very high wind opening at their brand new Mazda Dealership, a car showroom. The Compact Door was installed into a high use doorway into the new Service Department where they needed protection against wind, dust and insulation against the outside temperatures as the workshop required heating and air-conditioing throughout the seasons.

The Dealer Principal was looking for a specific door for his workshop which had a smart appearance as well as high speed operation.

Need for Speed. The client requested very early in the project, for the door to operate at high speed, in order to allow a smooth flow of vehicles into the facility. Remax engineered the Compact door to operate at 0.6m per second, giving them an opening time of just 7 seconds; a staggering 20 seconds improvement over a typical roller shutter door! On a busy day with 40+ vehicles entering the workshop, this represents a time saving of up to 15 minutes per day.

The Architects for the project made the initial enquiry after having seen that Compact Doors had been installed in many Car Showroom facilities, for companies including, BMW, Audi, Toyota, VW and more.

The Compact Sectional Door was installed over two days and colour-matched to the new building. 

The Compact Sectional Door is well suited to Car Showrooms as it can be designed to match the building architecture, as well as the specifications required for the build itself. For this particular project, the client chose Colorbond Dune external cladding, insulated sectional panels and one level of double glazed windows. Many variations can be manufactured including full window panels, incorporated wicket door, the panels can be: thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate, polycarbonate, reinforced safety glass and more - never mind the many colour options available that can be colour matched to the building!

Not only is the Compact Sectional Door favoured by Architects due its versatility in appearance, but it is also favoured by Builders due to its versatility onsite when it comes to ease of installation and because it does not require the vast increase in overhead space which is normally specified for standard overhead doors which can create a large wasted space overhead which cannot be utilised for any other purpose. With the Compact Sectional Door, the roof space can be fully utilised without impacting the door both in open and closed state.

Mazda required Compact Sectional Doors:

  • For a large entrance measuring 4000H x 5000W in a very high wind opening

  • For its smart appearance and high speed operation

  • To protect against wind and dust

  • To increase energy efficiency and contribute to an ambient work environment within the workshop which is heated / air conditioned

  • For its super quiet operation

  • For its compact nature, meaning that it does not take up overhead space nor require extra space to be built into the building itself to accommodate the door panels.

Compact Sectional Doors have also been installed at Cadbury in their wash-down area, showing the true flexibility of the Compact Sectional Door. Compact Sectional Doors are made bespoke to its environment and entry, in both panel requirements (whether you require full vision panels, thermal panels or a mixture of both - thermal, PVC, double-glazed acrylate/polycarbonate/reinforced safety glass, mesh) as well as the opening size, from your average garage door opening size to a large warehouse requiring access for heavy machinery and vehicles such as aeroplanes, cranes and Fire Engines. Read about the Cadbury Project installation here.

Client Requirements:

Compact Sectional Door

Scope of Works:

1. Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery and installation of Compact Sectional Door and custom steelwork.


The client has expressed to us that they are very happy with the speed of the door and the super quiet operation. The insulation value also contributes to an ambient workshop.

Project Images: 

Remax Compact Sectional Door at Mazda Warrnambool New Car ShowroomMazda Warrnambool New Car Showroom Doors

Mazda Warrnambool Car Showroom Doors Mazda Warrnambool Car Showroom

Vehicle entrance for easy access to Car Showroom Servicing Bays (L) and Inside view of the Compact Sectional Door in new car showroom when open (R). With Compact Sectional Door Panels folded up into small, compact overhead space

Mazda Warrnambool Car Showroom Doors Mazda Warrnambool Car Showroom Doors

Compact Sectional Door from within the car showroom workshop.

 Mazda Warrnambool Car Showroom Doors Car Showroom Doors Servicing Bays


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