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Rapid Doors at Snow Brand

PRODUCTS USED: Movidor High Speed Door, Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System

Snow Brand Australia Pty Ltd are a company based in Tatura in the Australian state of Victoria. Their main line of business is manufacturing and packaging infant milk formula which is predominately exported overseas to Asia.

With the increased demand for dairy products in Asia, Snow Brand's warehouse facility in Victoria is well aligned to cater towards this demand, being well located in Victoria. Victoria is the largest producer of dairy products in Australia being the dominant dairy state - of Australia's total 9,479 million litres of milk produced annually, Victoria produces 6,212 million litres and is home to 1,030,000 dairy cows. 

Snowbrand Tatura.jpg


Snow Brand approached Remax to replace their existing (non-Remax) problematic warehouse loading doors for the load-out area at their warehouse facility in Tatura. They required Remax Movidor High Speed Doors to be integrated to their conveyor system, moving goods from within the warehouse to delivery and shipping vehicles in the loading area (and vice versa).

Snow Brand also chose the Remax Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System be installed at the same as the High Speed Door installation, to assist forklift drivers and warehouse staff with clear and safe operational signals, clearly identifying when the High Speed Door is safe to approach or when other vehicles and pedestrians are near the opening on the opposite side.

The LED signals flash red when the door is obstructed and are illuminated blue when the opening is free to be opened.The clear windows within the rapid door also assist with safety to view oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, although the LED Traffic Lights are extremely beneficial and unmatched for their clarity during both day and night; especially in dark warehouse and factory areas where visibility through the rapid door windows may be impaired. 


A High Speed Rapid Door system which is:

  • Less costly in maintenance costs
  • Service agreement and warranty compliant
  • Contains self-repair functionality for times when the curtain is bumped
  • Integrated to their warehouse loading conveyor system in the load-out area
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers a range of warehouse safety components including the Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System


1. Design Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery and installation of high speed rapid door and Movidor Integrated Traffic Light System


Movidor High Speed Door with Integrated Traffic Light System

Snow_Brand_Tatura Snowbrand_Tatura_2

Movidor Integrated Traffic Light Safety System LED's

Snow_Brand_Tatura3 Integrated_Traffic_Lights_Open


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Topics: Movidor Rapid Roll Doors, high speed doors, Integrated Traffic Light System, Dairy, rapid door costs, Sector - Food and Beverage Processing, P - Rapid Doors, P - Sensors & Accessories for Automatic Doors

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