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We are an Australian manufacturer, providing door and barrier solutions and services for a range of industries throughout Australia. Our operations span a range of sectors including; manufacturing, retail, residential and apartments, cold storage, automotive, health, food and beverage, logistics, milling and grain and more.

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High impact theatre swing doors installed at Warringal Private Hospital - Warringal, Victoria

Products Used: 4500 Series High Impact Theatre Swing Doors

Warringal Private Hospital is an acute medical / surgical hospital providing healthcare for the North Eastern and Greater Melbourne community. In December 2014, the Hospital held an official opening of new development that includes new world class theatres at the hospital where the first operations were performed in the new theatres in October 2014.

The six new theatres have been eagerly anticipated, and will be shortly followed by the opening of two new levels of patient accommodation. This development is the culmination of years of planning and consultation.

remax_warrigal-185 (Small).jpg

In recognition of the growing demand for private hospital services, Ramsay Health Care will progress plans for further development of the hospital. Banyule Council has formally approved an additional three levels of private rooms, including four additional operating theatres and additional parking.


Remax worked predominantly with DNA Projects for the majority of the project culmination although the team at Warringal Private Hospital contributed a massive amount of input and were very much involved in all aspects of the project.

The enquiry came to us following extensive website search by the hospital for alternate theatre doors to the standard timber doors for their, then, upcoming theatre upgrade. They had recently completed an upgrade to other theatre suites and the doors that were installed where a plastic skinned solid core timber door. They had endless trouble with these doors as they were too heavy, only single action and were breaking down. They weren’t yet 12 months old! 

The existing theatre doors on some of their older suites where very old timber doors where they had trouble maintaining the doors, as well as holding theatre pressure differentials. They had to install ugly looking grills to alleviate this issue.

We installed five pairs and twelve single 4500 Series High Impact Theatre Swing Doors which were manufactured to the new Remax Hospital Theatre Door specifications which include:

  • Rota-moulded polyethylene Door Panel: vastly different to standard timber door for the following reasons:

    1. The door will never split, splinter or crack like timber which means that they are impervious to impact and also virtually impossible for bacteria to hide and therefore grow

    2. Color evenly impregnated through the 4mm thick polymer skin means that Remax doors will never require painting, unlike a timber door, and retains its clean attractive appearance for the life of the door

    3. Thermal Value R4.8 comparable with 170mm Polystyrene Panel

    4. Remax doors are approximately 50% lighter than solid core timber hospital doors with a 5kg breakaway compared to 10-12kg breakaway in standard timber door

    5. Self-lubricating mechanisms in our doors so that they swing quietly, safely and easily

    6. Hold positive pressure up to 25 pascals

    7. All doors come standard with double glazed polycarbonate windows, recessed for protection and providing exceptional visibility for pedestrians

    8. Full surround seals prevent dust, insect and contaminant intrusion

    9. Option to incorporate signage into double glazed windows

    10. Option to incorporate honeycomb blind within the double glazed window

    11. The option of self supporting mounting system that does not rely on structural integrity of doorway/walls

    12. Large spring buffers can be fitted to lower sections for effective absorption of hard-hitting traffic, in lieu of stainless steel kick-plates

    13. Where doors must be opened beyond 90° (i.e. opening onto passage across doorway) Remax have a Quad-action option for the Coldshield thermal traffic door. Double hinged frames and mechanisms allow seamless opening action through to 180° each way. Truly 360° performance!

  • Double sided stainless kick plates to protect the finish on the lower part of the door against scuffing and damage from trolleys, foot traffic and other hospital equipment. Scuffing and denting of standard timber hospital theatre doors can lead to areas where bacteria cannot be reached by cleaning equipment and will therefore thrive. Stainless steel kick plates help to maintain a hygienic, smooth surface which can easily be cleaned and will not deteriorate with regular cleaning.

  • Double sided stainless steel push plates; again, stainless steel provides a hygienic and easily washable surface. Especially important on the area of the door which are handled the most - i.e. where there is constant contact from those coming in and out. Push plates provide an attractive focal point for entering personnel, and minimizes build-up of grime on the door panels.

  • Double sided hold-open magnets to hold the door open when patients are coming through on Hospital beds for example, and also critical in evacuation situations.

  • Double glazed windows with integrated honeycomb blinds for complete privacy and when complete blackout is required, in laser theatres for example. The honeycomb blind is embedded within the double glazed window itself, which means that the window can be easily washed down and the blind never gathers dust and other harmful bacteria.

  • Stainless steel capping's to all the openings.

The Remax 4500 series Swing Door installations were completed on a staged basis, over two stages, in a space of around one month. To keep any disruptions to a minimum, the works were carried out during a mixture of standard hours and after hours, depending on what hours would work best with both the hospital and the builder.

Hospital Swingdoor Stainless steel push plates

swingdoor honeycomb blind stainless steel kickplates

The new six storey development consisting of three levels of new hospital facilities and three levels of basement car parking is being carried out by Built. You can read about the developments here.

Client Requirements:

Remax 4500 Series High Impact Theatre Swing Doors

Download the 'Traffic Doors for Hospitals' Brochure here to view all products in the range.

Scope of Works:

1. Consultancy and Planning
2. Made to measure components
3. Delivery, installation and custom steelwork.


Warringal have expressed that they are extremely happy with the doors, especially with the way they function and look. They are currently reviewing the option of replacing the plastic skinned solid core timber doors, which were installed in the 2014 project. 

Project Images: 

4500 Series Swingdoor with integrated honeycomb blind:

Warringal Private Hospital Swing Door Warringa lPrivate Hospital Double Swing Door


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