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 Doorway Energy Calculator

Download your Personalised Doorway Energy Report with the Calculator Tool

Interested in a new Rapid Door or Insulated Door and unsure how much it will cost you to run? Download your free Doorway Calculator report. 

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How to Measure Your Opening for a Stripdoor and Mount Options

Do you know how to measure your doorway opening for a PVC Stridoor? We show you how to accurately measure your doorway opening and two different ways to mount your stripdoor. 

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 Air Curtain Energy Cost

Calculate the Running Cost of an Air Curtain with our Free Guide. 

If you are looking at cost savings and unsure how much an air curtain will cost you to run; check out our free Guide on how you can calculate this yourself in three quick steps. 

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 Flexwall_Partitioning eBook

5 Reasons Why Warehouses Install Semi-Permanent Partitioning

When a permanent wall or partitioning is not an option, there is an alternative. In this eBook we uncover 5 Reasons why Warehouses Install Semi-Permanent Partitioning. Find out more with the help of a free eBook.

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 Benefits of Compact Sectional Door

Benefits of a Compact Sectional Door

There are significant differences between a Compact Sectional Door and a standard Roller Shutter Door, and differences which could save you maintenance costs and running costs as well as improve the functionality and overall design of your premises. Find out more with the help of a comparison chart.

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Buyers guide to warehouse doors

Buyer's Guide: Warehouse Roller Door Selection

Installing a door that doesn't suit your needs will lead to frustration, increased costs and can even be a safety hazard.

Read this guide to learn what you need to know before you select roller doors for your warehouse.

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Optimising Forklift Safety

Optimising Forklift Safety & Efficiency

You can always make your processes more efficient and safe but sometimes incremental improvements aren't worth it. This article identifies the key elements you should focus on to optimise your forklift fleet and make it more safe and efficient.

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A Guide to Pest Control

A Guide to Warehouse Pest Control

Preventing contamination in a warehouses is both essential and difficult. This guide looks at the various pests and an integrative pest control programme to deal with them. It also comes with a comprehensive checklist to use in your workplace.

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Warehouse Doors Checklist 

Warehouse Door Condition Checklist


Maintenance managers, print out and use this checklist to audit your warehouse doors. Though it does not replace the evaluation conducted by a professional on-site, we hope it gives you an idea of how well your doors are performing.

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Forklifts as a Safety Hazard

Forklifts: A Warehouse Safety Hazard

Forklifts are an indispensable investment for many businesses, but they can also be a major liability for your company's Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements. This article provides useful tips that will help you manage warehouse operations.

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Contamination in Food manufacturing 

A Guide to Contamination Prevention in Food Manufacturing

For maintenance and operations managers of food operations, a contamination policy covering all bases is essential. Download this guide and use the workbooks provided to strengthen your contamination policy.

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 Safety First eBook  

Safety First: Extra Steps to protect your employees and your warehouse

For maintenance, OH&S and operations managers of warehouses, knowing all the safety options available to you is essential. Download this guide and strengthen safety within your workplace.

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 8 steps to choosing a barrier  

8 Steps to Consider when Choosing a Barrier for your Doorway 

Are you trying to decide between an air curtain or strip door? Read the '8 Steps to choosing the most effective barrier for your doorway'. This guide will help you to consider the application and purpose required.

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 20 Common problems found during energy audit  

20 Common Problems Found During your Energy Audit

Learn how you can make small adjustments and changes within your facility to save major energy costs and earn a quick payback in return. In this free guide, we will highlight how to correctly identify key problems and how to eliminate them.

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 A Guide to Good Factory Planning  

A Guide to Good Factory Planning

Take away some free tips before you start your new factory construction project. A factory construction project is always a major undertaking, so it is crucial to pay attention to every detail to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. Your facility also needs to be efficient, productive, accessible and safe.

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Case Studies

Staples Case Study

Staples Australia

Read how one of the world’s largest products companies for office solutions maintains a secure and hygienic facility with REMAX Rapid doors.

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M.C.Herd Case Study

M. C. Herd

Read how this large meat processing facility maintains a compliant and hygienic facility with REMAX RRD - Movidor Rapid doors.

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St_John_of_God Case Study

St John of God, Ballarat Hospital

Read how the largest not-for-profit hospital in regional Victoria improved their operating suites efficiency with REMAX 4500 and 5000 Series Hospital Theatre Swingdoors.

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Orlando_Wines Case Study

Orlando Wines

Read how one of Australia's largest wine and spirits companies increased the reliability, safety and efficiency of one of their major warehouses, through the use of Remax's new Integrated Traffic Light System matched with a High Speed Movidor.

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 Colorpak Case Study

Colorpak, Victoria

With stringent budget constraints driving a very focused project agenda, the Colorpak team were keen to find an automatic door that provided functional durability at an affordable price.

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