Movidor High Speed Door for Supermarket and retail sector


Supermarkets are high-demanding, fast-paced facilities with large-volumes of traffic. Stockroom doors, Produce doors, and Meat Preparation doors are typically faced with high impact, large amounts of cycles, and heavy traffic from trolleys and pedestrians. Door solutions for these openings need to be durable, low-maintenance, and high-quality, in order to withstand the hustle and bustle of the retail sector. A smooth production flow and efficient warehouse operation can be negatively impacted by ill-performing door systems, so it is important that Supermarkets and Retail stores evaluate their door options wisely. See below some of our suggestions on Door Solutions for the Supermarket and Retail sector.

Movidor High Speed Rapid Roller Door Remax


Self-Repairing, Low-Maintenance, and Efficient. The Movidor High Speed Door utilises a crash-out feature that allows the curtain to be impacted by trolleys and forklift traffic, and continue operating! An ideal application for a busy supermarket stockroom opening, our Movidor High Speed Door really is faster, safer and smarter. 

Remax Coldshield 4500 Series high impact swingdoors supermarket



Looking for robust Swingdoors that will handle large volumes of traffic? Remax has a selection of high impact, low maintenance traffic swingdoors that will outperform and outlast most other swing doors on the market!

Remax Poly bollards bumprail system for supermarket retail sector (2)


Bollards, Guardrails

Protect your fixtures and assets from those costly bumps and scrapes with our flexible polyethylene bollards, and bumprail systems. The Remax range of door and wall protection equipment will provide lasting protection against a variety of traffic types. 

Remax PVC Stripdoor Temperature Control Pest Control


PVC Stripdoors

Remax PVC Stripdoors offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances in a wide range of applications, as well as assist in temperature regulation. Versatility in the range of headrail designs and the many strip types means each strip door can be manufactured exactly to suit the application.