Remax Free Site Assessment

With technicians in most metro and regional areas, REMAX is well equipped offer free site assessments to advise the best solution for your site.

Whether you require high speed doors, or PVC Swingdoors, the Remax Team have the experience and product knowledge at their fingertips, to transform your site efficiency into functional and visually attractive assets. It may be a warehouse, Retail facility, factory or even arena; Remax products cater for a multitude of environments.

Preventative Maintenance

Do you have products which require maintenance and servicing? Regular, programmed inspections and maintenance are a good way to minimize risk of door malfunction, and will ensure a longer service life of the door.

Small problems can be identified and controlled before costly breakdowns occur, and Health and Safety risks are minimized by keeping the equipment in peak operating condition.

In the event of unexpected operational fault, call REMAX for prompt service and advice. If the product is a REMAX door, chances are we’ll resolve the problem for you over the phone. We may also be able to assist with servicing and parts for other manufacturers' doors and barriers.

Should a visit to your site be required, your nearest Service Technician will attend to the problem shortly. At the completion of the repair or service, the Service Technician will provide a written and numbered Service Report of the works undertaken, and copies will be retained for the service history of the equipment.

Talk to REMAX, to determine the most appropriate Service or Preventative Maintenance level for your operations.

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